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If you can make a triple or higher combo, the line of balls will reverse, giving you a short but welcome breather. When the levels have become so hard for you that it is just trying to survive, just focus on raking up that chain bonus, clearing balls near the frond end of the row, and fill the meter as soon as possible.

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Introduced innovations extend the virtual world greatly, so the game has become more interesting. The game is controlled with a mouse; you have to aim the frog for a shot.

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Number of downloads in one of the most played action games do not miss this game for you

Be sure to try to play the full-screen game to fully enjoy the graphics and effects. The complexity of the game increases gradually, so that you can master well-aimed shots and learn to choose the right tactics.

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Note: The free demo has gameplay through the second boss level of adventure mode. So if you lose all your lives here, you will be able to restart from the checkpoint, rather than from the first level of that area.

Jogo Do Zuma Revenge

Well, if you missed out on all that and you have a PC with Origin installed, you can get in on the Zuma action for free. Zuma’s Revenge (site link) is now being offered up with the Origin On the House program.


It is pleasant to open the familiar levels again and pass them years later, having good experience of shooting with colored balls. A great number of spectacular effects from the explosions is pleasant to eye.

Don’t worry too much about clearing the whole row of balls, since you won’t be able too; just make sure it doesn’t roll onto a second line. Here, it is worth waiting for a combo, as it will quickly pull the whole line back, which is very convenient on a short track like this.


Very colored rolling balls are continuously advancing across a sandy road and your goal is to earn points by shooting them. You need to match 3 or more balls of the same color and prevent them from reaching the end of the road.

Balls can also disappear through a domino effect. This means a new set of balls will match because you have eliminated all the balls that were blocking them. While pairing balls is the primary way to win, there are special balls that make this process easier. Also known as power-ups, these are balls that only need to be activated.

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Watch out for flickering through the corner of your eyes, so you can quickly switch focus. Try to get every fruit within reach, but don’t make foolish moves that fill up your board.


In order to hit him, find just a short moment in which you can stay face-to-face with him. Even if his magic is coming, keep your place because as soon as you move, your balls will miss.