The Hercules Automatic Operator facility only operates on messages issuedto the Hercules console. These messages may originate from Hercules itself,or from the guest operating system via the SCP SYSCONS interface or via theintegrated console printer-keyboard (3215-C or 1052-C). HAO cannot interceptmessages issued by the guest operating system to its own terminals.

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  • Hercules can also control and monitor other RS-232 lines like RTS, CTS, DTR or DSR
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  • Hercules details: Check our short description, how to handle with Binary I/O pins
  • Refer to the Hercules Frequently-Asked Questions page for required compiler and other software levels
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To delete a fully or partially defined HAO rule, first use the 'hao list'command to list all of the defined (or partially defined) rules, and then usethe 'hao del nnn' command to delete the specific rule identified bynnn (all rules are assigned numbers as they are defined and are thusidentified by their numeric value). Optionally, you can delete all defined orpartially defined rules by issuing the command 'hao clear'.


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Disney Hercules Game Software

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Important messages are highlighted in a different color (usually red) and areprevented from being scrolled off the screen for two minutes. If Extended Cursorhandling is available then important messages currently at the top of the screencan be removed early by moving the cursor to the line containing the messageand then pressing enter.

The Creating Hercules (https://aprel-vologda.ru/content/uploads/files/download/hercules-game-crack-software.zip) DASD pagedescribes various methods of creating and loading virtual DASDvolumes. The compressed CKD DASD support is described in this page.


In addition to being able to execute any valid panel command (including the'sh' shell command) via the run-commands file, an additional'pause nnn' command is supported in order to introducea brief delay before reading and processing the next line in the file. Thevalue nnn can be any number from 1 to 999 and specifies thenumber of seconds to delay before reading the next line. Creative use of therun-commands file can completely automate Hercules (his response) startup.

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  • Creative use of the run-commands file can completely automate Hercules startup
  • If you have trouble to run Hercules, read the abandonware guide first
  • Contains a total of 33,103 professional games and 4,372 josekies
  • Chicken Bump 2: Mini Fun Gran Bumping Game - The Free Edition
  • Hercules Game Theater XP drivers for Windows
  • See the Hercules Configuration File page for a complete description
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When in the semi-graphical "New Panel" display mode there is no command inputarea. Instead, single character "hot keys" are used to issue some of the morecommon functions such as starting or stopping the CPU. The hot-keys are thosewhich are highlighted.

The HAO facility can only be used if regular expression support was included in Hercules at build time

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