WildTangent, a leader in online entertainment technology, announced today the launch of four premier game titles: Dark Orbit, SabreWing 2, Blasterball Wild and Atomic Pop on GameSpy.com, a leading provider of consumer online entertainment and technologies. WildTangent incorporated its Web DriverTM technology to make playing these four premier games an experience on par with the quality of a CD-ROM game using virtually any type of Internet connection. WildTangent's technology and leading edge content will be featured in a broad reaching distribution channel, of which GameSpy is one of the first to partner.

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  • Multiplayer em;ire is available after registering your unique CD-key for the game
  • Multiplayer mode is available after registering your unique CD-key for the game. For details see: Support
  • So if you want to play multiplayer you should install the replacement of Gamespy Lite
  • ‘Gamespy CD-Key Validation System ‘CD-Key In Use’ DoS’

PlanetFargo: All Keyed Up

Server-side means that all the authorization is handled by the game server, it is the only one that contacts the master server. The part of the client in this mechanism is limited to the passing of its CD-key hash to the game server.


Re: Gamespy CD Key

One of the premier games, Dark Orbit, puts gamers in the role of a lone pilot trying to escape the onslaught of aliens awakening from within a small mining colony in space. The pilot must collect the precious few resources still available and use them to build more advanced firepower. Along the way, he can find new technology that will enable him to upgrade his meager mining craft into a truly awesome machine of mass destruction. Dark Orbit players have access to five large maps, more than a dozen weapons and missiles to research and build upgradeable modular ships. Users can access a demo version of this premium quality game for free with the chance to unlock the full version for $19/97.

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Fargo: Good, because the CD-Key could be anywhere. Now close the door and seal the room.


Fargo: In fact, EA has started shipping games in CD cases meant to be placed under your pillow the night after you buy them. In the morning you wake up, and the case is replaced by a CD-Key.

  • GameSpy Industries is headquartered in Irvine, California
  • Gamespy cd-key validation system: Cd-key never in use
  • Goodbye, And Thank You From The GameSpy Team
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Nominated for PC Magazine's 2000 Technical Excellence Awards and named one of Newsweek's Top Five Technologies for 2001, WildTangent's proprietary Web DriverTM technology provides unprecedented performance on a Web page, allowing the creation of faster, richer, more interactive content. The Web Driver's unique compression technology allows interactive multimedia content to be streamed and cached on a user's machine with minimal wait.

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The flaw is clear: what happens if the server that has authorized the CD-key for first continues to report that the player is playing on it forever? The answer is simple, the real player with the valid CD-key will be no longer able to play online because his CD-key is in use in that server.

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Fargo: THE MAN IS ABOVE REPROACH. Now, the important thing is, you have everything that came inside the software box?


Fargo: Okay, put it aside in the pile of stuff to be X-rayed. The next thing we're going to search is the manual.