The GDMP client-server software system is a generic file replication tool that replicates files securely and efficiently from one site to another in a Data Grid environment using Globus Grid tools. In addition, it manages replica catalogue entries for file replicas and thus maintains a consistent view on names and locations of replicated files. Files to be transferred can be of any particular file format and GDMP treats them all in the same way. However, for Objectivity database files a particular plug-in exists. All files are assumed to be read-only.

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There are obvious differences in how paper-based records manage these principles compared to electronic systems. Paper-based batch records might for example require you to manually copy data such as lot numbers and expiry dates, or they might require on the spot calculations for a dilution or a cell count. On a digital record, these tedious and error prone tasks can be replaced by a barcode scanner, picture proofs and automated calculations.


NERSC User Services are BY FAR the BEST we have worked with, compared to a large number of other supercomputing sites we have worked with. Superb work, terrific responsiveness, in all aspects of our interaction with the team. In particular, F. Verdier is doing an exemplary job as the Leader of the team we are interacting with.

All requests including 20 September 2021 - 19:40:28 have been added. Did nothing else today but adding damn aircraft.

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Hi, Would you please add XWA/KXWA - Williston Basin International Airport. The old airport closed in OCT 2021?


Graphic Designing & Multimedia Professional Course in Delhi

Willingness to work with specific applications that need special access or help. Availability of support personnel.

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The major way in which NERSC could improve would be to upgrade its computing facilities more aggressively. It is surprising to me that NERSC trails the NSF centers in total computing power.


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For various reasons, I never go to actual classes at LBNL for all the training stuff. One reason is that one wants to avoid repeat material. Having the class stuff on the web as html (not just powerpoint which linux machines can't read) is great and more useful in the long run.

You can access a clean and fast guide if you download GIMP apps on your PC. The software (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=9145) provides better performance unlike previous models, apart from being user-friendly. The main window of the program is divided into three parts: one edits, and the other two have many toolboxes, menus and channels.


The new authentication system for hpss seems to be incompatible with some windows OS secure shell soft. Since the change was mande I have not been able to connect using my laptop. I am still trying to get this fixed with the help of the support people here at LLNL, but no good news so far.

NERSC response: There is a section in a tutorial for new users that explains how system calculates priorities. That section will be linked from the batch page as the issue of priorities is of great interest to many users.


Debugging code is currently VERY FRUSTRATING because of LACK OF INTERACTIVE ACCESS. You can't run totalview unless the job clears the loadleveler, which has become dramatically more difficult in the last couple months.

In 2021, 49% of the warning letters sent out by the FDA included a data integrity component [ref]. As the Batch Record is the crown witness of the quality of your product, it is no surprise that the data integrity and the traceability of every component in the document is of the utmost importance. An often used set of principles that define the integrity of a record is “ALCOA” (see table).


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Still at Ascent Aviation in Arkia livery. It is reported to be for a new airline in Vietnam.

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NERSC has a better SP batch environment than NPACI, where it is difficult to use ones allocation. NERSC, in theory, provides much more permanent disk space than NPACI. NERSC gives users better access to consulting staff than NPACI. NPACI has unlimited allocations on their HPSS. However, they do not allow external access to their HPSS unlike NERSC.


Electronic batch record, cell therapy, GMP. Here you will find all the articles of the MyCellHub team

It would help me enormously if you had emacs or some other text editor other than VI on the log in node. I hate VI and have to do editing locally and do more file transfers than I would like. When debugging, it is useful to make quick changes on the local computer.

After a few initial problems getting the code (look at here now) compiled and running (the support was very helpful in this) we haven't seen many problems. Our project seems to have been given an allocation outside of the usual procedure, as far as I understand. We also had some special requests for larger disk allocations, and I think a problem with the number of inodes which was limiting us. These things were resolved, and we were very impressed by your ability to make accommodations for these special requests.


NERSC response: To answer that question we have to ask another one. How and under what circumstances would users benefit from the introduction of this additional queue. The guess is that the user hopes for a shorter waiting time if her/his job would be submitted to such a queue.

The GIMP interface is entirely customizable, allowing full user control over how it works. Designed for and by developers, GIMP is very user-friendly.


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NERSC continues to provide consistent, high quality MPP capability and access. It is one of our primary production resources.

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Some parts of G-AMSU were used in the preparation of G-AMPP for display at Lasham (EGHL) painted as G-AMSU in 1972. The aircraft was sold to Aces High of North Weald in 1991, removed to Euro Disney, France in 1993 and stored. To Museum Bevrijdende Vleugels in Best, Netherlands 29/08/2002. To Berlin 26/02/2005 for use in a crash scene in a Berlin Airlift film "Die Luftbrucke"; painted in RAF colours as KN491 and fire damaged.

Pharmacy in clinical trials

We provide links from our Software page ( to a documentation for general purpose packages. That's where a link to the CERN Library page can be found: Actually an entry for each of the packages includes a link to its home page. Right now we are updating software (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=4378) pages following the system upgrade to RH 7/2 when lots of software had to be reinstalled. We welcome specific suggestions as to what kind of tutorials or documentation users would like to see.


You can see the FY 2002 User Survey text, in which users rated us on a 7-point satisfaction scale. Some areas were also rated on a 3-point importance scale.

Possibly more could be done to help remote users make the best use of NERSC. Possibly many users would benefit from periodic visits, as opposed to classes.


GIMP for Windows v2.9.1 Experimental

I have use gsfc goddard space center cray computers and have found nersc computers to be as easy to use as gsfc computers. We didn't have sp allocations at gsfc so I can't compare seaborg to theirs.

CLINICAL DATA MANAGEMENT - OVERVIEWCDM is an integral part of the clinical trial process

GIMP has many features that set it apart from other image editing and painting programs, but it has its limitations. The program has many errors that take some time to edit. The tool often stops responding, for example while saving an image. Click delays as well as visual flow have also been found. Although some experts use the app, it is mainly due to the individual choice.


PHASE 2 CLINICAL TRIALSPhase 2 Clinical Trials are controlled clinical studies c

Unfortunately, sometimes the "cry wolf" effect applies here, and I don't always pay attention to things until you notice they change or don't work. But this is my own problem, in all cases it was my hastiness rather than lack of warning which caused an issue.

Streamline the allocations process and make it more equitable. ERCAP proposals are nearly as complex and elaborate as contract proposals. Respect user privacy regarding allocations and time used. Balance privacy and public scrutiny?


DIFFERENT TYPES OF CLINICAL TRIALSTreatment trials test experimental treatments, new combinations of drugs

NERSC response:PDSF is a networked distributed computing environment used to meet the detector simulation and data analysis requirements of large scale High Energy Physics (HEP) and Nuclear Science (NS) investigations. For updated information about the facility, check out the PDSF Home Page.

The IBM-SP is a very useable machine. It is reliable, it performs well and is well configured.


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I have only used LLNL and NERSC. Both do a great job and share many personality traits.

NERSC response: High Bandwidth nodes (compute nodes with a large local disks - 280GB in addition to 10GB /scratch) are all in the medium queue and access is governed by the same set of rules as for any other compute node in the medium queue. The only restriction is the allocation of the 280GB disk where only the starofl account has write privileges. That is necessitated by the type of analysis STAR does and the experiment financed purchase of this disk space. If you are from STAR and do not agree with this policy, please contact Doug Olson ([email protected]).


Excellent platform for efficient parallel computing. Among the best managed supercomputers, if not the best, we have pursued our work on!

NERSC response: There are not many alternatives to gdb on linux. STAR is looking into purchasing Totalview (which has a GUI interface and works well with both gcc and pgf). The licenses are expensive ($5700/00 for 8 floating licenses +20%/year maintenance fee - that is a cost of 1TB of disk vault), but we will consult with all the group representatives to find out whether they are interested in financing it.


PL shows re-reg to CS-DKY in 2021 but I can find no references/photos of that reg on the web. The FAA reg website has it as follows.

Mike, danke schön, alles erledigt. Request 26 September 2021 - 11:57:56 has been added. Please note that the G650 is N1108M and not N1108B.


It is expensive to come as a university researcher and allocate time. I think NERSC needs more partnerships on the best science areas.

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Postman Mac 7.31.0 – Download

NERSC should go almost exclusively to web tutorials and web based training. Courses on site are just out of the question to go, since it is much too expensive to fly to the west coast.

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Here is yesterdays Preparation for today. I hope I don't forget to send it.


My only real complaint is about not being able to run interactively often on Seaborg. Perhaps this congestion could be mediated by (if possible) allowing different jobs to be run on the same nodes. Instead of occupying all 16 processors on a node when I am only using 4 processors, could the other 12 be used by someone else?

Monitoring and auditing in clinical trials

I think the software (visit this site) could be expanded to include more modules, including other text editors, graphics programs, debuggers, etc. Of course, this should not compromise the performance of the main machines. If I have to choose, I still prefer performance.


Other computing services I have used have been operated by non-professional staff or pretty small in size. The NERSC does an outstanding job of maintaining the system.

The Blend Tool allows you to blend colors and create significant visual effects. It also comes with a gradient selection feature with a wide range of influences to choose from for users.


Additional info on Prince G-AMKY. Although it was cancelled by the CAA as destroyed on 20-5-71 it actually went to the Stansted fire School & stood in their compound until eventually being Broken up in July 1981, when the school moved to Teeside Airport.

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Now I'm ashamed that I was too tired to put these 3 on the list yesterday. That's the rest of the notebook.

Graphic Design & Multimedia Professionals

Large jobs will sit in queue too long and are effectively impossible to run. Thus from a user perspective NERSC is not a large machine.


Allocation of processors in chunks smaller than 16 would be useful. More and longer regular_long time should be allocated.

PDSF beats RCF for uptime, usability, stability, support. I much prefer to work at pdsf, even though I work on RHIC experiments and RCF is the main computing hub.


Clinical Trials - An Introduction - Français

The present class of machines at NERSC is geared to embarrassingly parallel codes that can be run in short increments. To provide useful supercomputing capability for less parallelizable codes (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=3149) (10s to 100s of processors), more emphasis should be placed on single-processor speeds (vector nodes), and much longer time slots (~1 week) should be available in the queues.

Communicate with other HPC closely. Sometime, solutions to problems on the same type of machines could be copied from other HPC. It will save time and human resources.


The record must contain the data that is collected in its original form. It cannot be a copy of the original data.

F-GAOA is listed twice, once correctly as Robin DR-400-140B Major C/N 1237 and also as Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee C/N 28-20635. The Piper should be F-BNFQ Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee C/N 28-20635 which was on my list but F-BNFQ isn't on the DB.


A Batch Record, sometimes also called a Batch Manufacturing Record (BMR) or a Batch Production Record (BPR) is a batch specific copy of a Master Batch Record. The Master Batch Record can be seen as the blueprint of the process, while the Batch Record contains the documentation of one single execution of the process. It explains exactly how a lot of a product is manufactured and provides info on who, when, where and how the different processes steps are executed. It also contains all the in-process and release tests that assure the quality of the lot and documents any deviation from the standard process.

Many thanks for the recent updates. Some more please as time allows.


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Improve the reliability of the HPSS storage system. This might have been done already as I have not used the storage system since I had problems several months ago.

Since there are many image editing tools available in the market, GIMP has competition. As a free product, however, GIMP for PC is one of the best editing tools. Still, if you want to check out options, you should explore Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, InPixio Free Photo Editor and Affinity Photo.



I have used machines at Argonne, NCSA, and Cornell, but NERSC has been the most professional operation. However the great number of users makes it difficult to get things done at times.

I think the web pages are very good in some spots, but incomplete and difficult to locate for other topics. Perhaps the web pages need to be reorganized or linked together differently.


If at any point you did something wrong, you can delete the old configurationfile and just restart Warzone 2100. Then the game will regenerate a newconfiguration file with default values.

You need to offer a long queue (at least 4-8 hours) for serial jobs. Much post- processing of large parallel calculations cannot or has not been parallelized. There are also still many linear algebra/math library operations for which parallel codes have not been developed. With the demise of the Cray SV1's, there is also a need for a serial queue to run these applications on. Even when parallelization is possible, the human time involved in making all of these codes immediately parallel is expensive; computer time is not.


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FZ Juelich, Germany They provide a unique home directory for all Cray Computers. The access to the archive file system is easier, as migration and demigration is managed by the operating system.

Thanks in advance from yet another Risikogebiet. Wenn ich's mir recht überlege haben wir Wattenscheider überhaupt nix mit Bochum zu tun. Kann man mit nur 80000 Einwohnern den Inzidenzwert überhaupt überschreiten?


My jobs run most efficiently on 32 processors (or 16) over several days rather than short periods of time on a large number of processors. When the job is interrupted data is lost so when I restart I lose information. It would most efficient if I could access the nodes for extended periods, and a low number of CPU.

With a quick monthly feedback and assignments, we help our students to achieve each and every topic thoroughly on time. We are passionate about the design principles and about helping our students succeed and gain a competitive advantage.


Of all the ones I used, it is the best. The old Pittsburgh supercomputer center had equally good (if not better) consulting/help, but no good web pages and the computers weren't as good. The other center I use a lot was the SDSC bluehorizon.

TuneUp Utilities– Version 2021. Enjoy Your PC: fast, stable, customized! Have more fun—with your computer without all the hassles thanks to your new PC assistant. Work faster and get a better gaming experience.


PHASE 3 CLINICAL TRIALSPhase III Clinical Trials usua

NERSC response: Indeed disk vaults have poor performance while serving multiple clients. Very recently we converted them from software to hardware raid which improved their bandwidth. We also brought in an alternative solution for testing, the so called "beta" system. PDSF users loved the performance (instead of couple tens, it could serve couple hundred clients without loss in performance), but such systems are much more expensive (currently factor of 4 at least) and at the end the experiments decided to go with a cheaper hardware raid solution. We are watching the market all the time and bring in for testing various solutions (like "beta" and "Blue Arc") and if anything that the experiments can afford comes by, we will purchase it.

The 8 hours queue limit on the regular queue is restrictive. The regular_long with 24 hours sounds useful, but has only 32 nodes available.


It would be great if movies of the latest training sessions could be made available for the multimedia classes. It is great that the presentation files are available, but a video would be helpful, too. I was unable to find a video dealing with the IBM SP and debugging/developing tools for example. However there have already been training sessions and presentation files are available. However I feel that actually watching the presentation would help.

Grid Data Mirroring Package

All disks should have this type of I/O. I do not know why you continue to use dv27-type disks when /beta is much more superior.


PRINCIPLES OF GCP Clinical trials should be conducted in accordance with the ethical princip

I rely on the consultants to tell me which parts are relevant, and which parts are out of date. Its tedious to search through it for answers to a specific problem. Unless you know the answer, the searches don't yield solutions.

The allocation process could be further streamlined. Find some way to allow more mid-year flexibility in the resource allocation process. Get away from the current allocation model (which still tends to encourage a "use-it-or-lose-it" mentality). Perhaps you should consider under-allocating and then letting some fraction of the remaining time be made available in sort of a free-for-all mode.


I have been very happy with the technical support for the ACTS toolkits. My requests have been fielded in a prompt and accurate manner.

I find it very difficult to run interactively and debug. There seems to be only a few hours per day when I can get any interactive work done.


However, for remote visualization it would be more useful to use gridftp to access the data on seaborg directly from my desktop. We didn't have the technology to do this during our last simulations but I would like to try it for the next one.

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I'm sorry, but I found out earlier then I probably should, that my requests are added. I feel guilty but since I don't have any time the next two days I'll do it right now what I have to do.


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I work in France, so my working time corresponds to night for you. Therefore, it is more difficult to consult.


You can quickly switch to full screen mode to preview your photos while editing photos using GIMP. A few simple editing techniques can be used while in the loop to make improvements. This will help you take a closer look at the overall improvement in much of your show. You can do this by clicking a button if you want to return to an editing window.


My main complaint is that this 2000+ supercomputer is being used in a broad user based time-share environment as 10-20 clusters. The factional use with > 512 (0r even >256) is to small. We are paying dearly for unused connectivity and the system is not being used properly. For the same hardware price, NERSC could be a "cluster center" offering 3-5x more FLOP's per year. The users need a computer center with more capacity (not capability.

At LRZ Muenchen the maximum runtime is 32 hours for a job and the system places no other restrictions on number of cpu, memory. I use that regularly for production runs and it is great. At lemieux at PSC there is an option to specify qsub -I on which one gets a collection of nodes for interactive use. This allows for very rapid debugging, since one bypasses the queue.


GIMP is a free image editing software with advanced features. The software is designed for Windows and can be useful for retouching, designing images and composing images. You can create logos, images, design objects, artwork and more with this support. Originally, the software (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=7140) was developed for Linux, but it is now available on Mac computers.

My impression of the grid is that it's mostly for large collaborative projects. At this point, I, probably like many NERSC users work more in the mode as an individual researcher, only occasionally accessing data from larger groups. If the grid allows me to more easily access this data, it would be of use.


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This direct connection provides fully traceable data, from work instruction to operator action to raw process data. For example, the operator can automatically verify if the medium he’s using is cleared for use by scanning the barcode on the bottle. Meanwhile, the ERP inventory of the medium is updated in real-time once the operator has used the medium in the production process.

You can complete tasks, including retouching images, image writers, and image composition using the open source software. The program can be used to construct various graphic features, photographs and symbols of designers and photographers. Since the platform accepts extensions from third parties, you can tailor the program to your specific needs.


Generally excellent support and service. What issues do arise are dealt with promptly and professionally.

Excellent support services from everyone. I'm especially happy to have Iwona as a resource at NERSC. She knows her stuff, is always helpful and tries to respond quickly.


You’re on a mission to bring the latest biotech wonder to the patient and work on the edge of what is biologically possible. But you are manually recording your processes with pen and paper? Discover what value an electronic batch record could bring you.

As you can expect, GIMP is mainly used to editphotos. This program makes editing very fun, easy and isvery comfort to used it. Of course there are minor things to learn beforebecoming an expert but once you learn those first few beginner tips thenyou are off to start your amazing photo editing projects. Althoughmaking those are a little bit tougher to do, it is still really fun and otherthan photo editing, GIMP can also make animations and little videos. Cool onceyou get the hang of it.


I would like to have access to a linux (intel) based cluster of reasonable size as NERSC resource. The prospect of having only an IBM cluster is somewhat dissatisfactory.

Losing Cray's totalview and debuggers is a real loss as they were very superior to what's available on the Cray's. I also don't like XProfiler too much.


My dissatisfaction with the IBM SP is mostly related to tools and compilers provided by IBM. The ACTS group is making good progress putting together a useful tool set for applications.