In a video game Roguelands, you might encounter some difficulties or some obstacles that might hinder your progress. You might feel that you are not experiencing Roguelands game to the fullest. An enemy, a puzzle or a simple environment obstacle might ruin your experience of Roguelands or any video game, in general, immensely. Or maybe, you will not encounter them. Maybe, you just want to get some more powerful items, character or weapon and armor upgrades or tips, that might help you reach the goal you want in Roguelands or similar game more quickly and more efficiently. Here, you might find Roguelands tips, tricks, strategy guide that might help you finish, or even experience the Roguelands game to the fullest, much faster and much smoother or even with some flair or style. Through the gameplay of Roguelands, players might get interested in Roguelikes sub genre. Players of game Roguelands might show interest and go deeper not only in Roguelikes sub genre but in Role-playing games genre in general, and with Roguelands tips, tricks, strategy guide, they might see and look for new ways on how to complete levels or how to defeat bosses. It is always fun to have an advantage in Roguelikes games, why not use Roguelands tips, tricks, strategy guide to become the most advantageous player in game Roguelands?

  • Roguelands Kickstarter smashes target goal, coming to PC later this year
  • Roguelands: A 2D Mix Of DayZ And Fallout? Yes, Please
  • Roguelands, Post-Apocalyptic Survival Game Receives New Images
  • Can I run Roguelands on Linux/SteamOS
  • How much RAM does Roguelands need
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Domina - Women of Spartacus and Better Blood v.1.00 - Game mod - Download

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Ember Knights is a fast-paced multiplayer rogue-lite. Build powerful and unique attack synergies on every run by customizing your loadout through weapon upgrade perks, stackable combat and magic skills and game-changing relics. Local and online co-op for 1-4 players!

Use 3D Analyze to change your video card information. The game you are trying to run may give you a message about your video card being unsupported. If this is the case, you can use 3D Analyze to change your graphics card's hardware ID information so that the game thinks a different card is installed.

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Live the life of space captain Flinthook! Armed with your mighty hookshot, your uncanny slow-motion powers and your trusty blasma pistol, plunder and fight your way through an infinite variety of randomly-assembled spaceships for treasure, loot and fame!

This will allow for a different look for Domina. Recommended to apply before starting a new game.


It's like Nuclear Throne meets Deus Ex, mixed with the anarchy of GTA

Xenon Valkyrie is a rogue-like with many RPG elements in which you will have to get to the deepest part of a moon and finish the plans of a wicked witch. You will be able to get many weapons randomly as you fight in a world that is created every time you play.

Can my PC run Roguelands

One child might be colorblind, another might have vertigo - they could even be a dwarf. But that's OK, because no one is perfect, and you don't have to be to succeed.


Out There Somewhere is a wonderful addition to the Stealth-based Action, Adventure and Puzzle-platform gaming. Inspired by the big names such as Cave Story and Super Metroid, Out There Somewhere lets you be a lone explorer stuck on an unknown planet with a very low fuel in you ship. Your Survival and Escape plan depends on reaching to the planet core, so you must be good at traversing the planet, going through the platforms, obstacles and encounters with the enemies. With an amazingly twisted and puzzling story, challenging game levels, creative nature, superbly easy controls and an immersive game-play, Out There Somewhere will surely entertain you good.

Top similar games like Roguelands

Vertical Drop Heroes is a procedural platformer RPG hybrid with roguelike elements, where your hero adventures through randomly generated stages. Armed with a variety of skills and traits, you must use your cunning and reflexes to survive the dangers of each stage.


When is Roguelands release date

Embark on an epic journey in this hardcore Multiplayer RPG! As a Galactic Cadet, you and your Combat Squad of friends must brave hostile worlds in search of valuable loot and resources. Craft powerful gear, slay otherworldly creatures, and save the galaxy.

Explore, craft, and survive in this Multiplayer RPG Platformer with permanent death! Featuring many Rogue-like elements, Magicite randomly generates each underground dungeon for you and your friends to delve deep into.


Freedom Planet is a wonderful Action-Adventure, Combat-based Puzzle-Platform and Side-Scrolling video game by GalaxyTrail. This Sonic inspired game lets you be a Courageous Dragon girl who accompanies her friends on a journey against a whole alien attack force under the command of Evil lord Brevon. Your task is to run, jump, slide and roll on randomly generated platforms, kill the enemies and their maniac mechanical companions, fight against the epic bosses and flash your way through awesome game levels. You must use you special fighting abilities and finally reach to the Evil Lord Brevon, fight an epic battle against him and defeat him to restore the order. Freedom Planet features a fast-paced action and adventure filled game-play, an amazingly catchy story-line and brilliant 2D visuals along with a number of character choices and a lot more to discover.

Barony is the premier first-person roguelike RPG with cooperative play. Cryptic items, brutal traps and devious monsters, like those found in classic roguelikes and CRPGs, await you. Conquer the dungeon alone, or gather a perfect party in co-op with iconic and exotic RPG classes.


Fight, sneak, and hack your way through randomly generated cities. It's like Nuclear Throne meets Deus Ex, mixed with the anarchy of GTA. Rogue-lite meets immersive sim, and goes completely insane.

Heroes of Hammerwatch is a rogue-lite action-adventure. Explore and battle your way through procedurally generated levels on your own or with up to 3 friends.


Players looking for teamplay

On this page you will find Roguelands system requirements for PC (Windows, Mac and Linux). We constantly update our data to provide you with latest and most accurate requirements.

Set the appropriate options for the version you want to switch to. You can use 3D Analyze to move to the version of DirectX immediately following yours. For example, if you have DirectX 7, you can emulate DirectX 8, but not 8/1 or 9.


ScourgeBringer is a fast-paced free-moving roguelite platformer. Help Kyhra to explore the unknown and slash her way through ancient machines guarding the seal of her past, and maybe the redemption of humanity.