This Yi (乙)Wood Eating God must be protected at all costs. In this case, one recommendation is for you to learn better management skills. It could be time management, or people management, or let’s just put it under a single umbrella and call it resource management.

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In Bazi, we like it when the Qi produces each other in a single pillar. We can see this phenomenon clearly in the Ren Yin where the Ren Day Stem produces the Jia Wood Eating God in the Branch which then fuels the Bing Fire Indirect Wealth that eventually creates the Wu Earth 7 Killings. In classical Bazi, this is an indicator of potential wealth and prosperity.


A sprint is a set period of time during which specific project work is completed and made ready to review. Sprint schedules can vary in time based on the number of user stories included in a sprint and the complexity of configuration required. Overall, sprints contain the same components of work: Configuration, Data Mapping, User Acceptance Testing, Bug Resolution, and Sign-off. Typically Sprints are managed with a 2-week timeline. Week 1 includes configuration and data mapping, and Week 2 includes UAT, bug resolution, and sign-off.

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Many people have played a part in this journey of mine. It’s impossible to thank everyone individually. But in general, I’d like to say.

I know this sounds counter-intuitive. Why am I proposing a recommendation that seems to constrain creativity instead of unleashing it? On the contrary, better time management actually helps you free up more hours for creativity and helps you stay focused. Better resource management (click here now) helps you prioritize and improve your creative output.


I realize that this segment can be easily misconstrued. Please understand that my intent is not to belittle. But I feel it is important to know how others would perceive you. This recognition and awareness alone can help smooth your relationship with the world at large.

The first thing to note is that the Shen (申) branch itself is both an Intelligence Star as well as a Travelling Star. When a Day Master sits on an Intelligence Star, this is always an indication of a superior intellect. Additionally, because the Shen is also a Travelling Star, it allows you, the Wu Earth (戊) Day Master, to be more pro-active, more action-oriented and indeed more adventurous as compared to your other Wu Earth peers who usually tend to display a marked inclination towards achieving stability.


Yours is a Day Master that literally sits on its own Goat Blade. As scary as that may sound, the Goat Blade brings a lot of gifts to the Bing Wu, key of which are your strong will, blazing intelligence and boundless energy.

The Wu Shen Day Master often presents as someone who is unconventional and impatient. But given your unique individualism, are you even surprised?


So give yourself a break, Ren Yin. There’s no need to be so hard on yourself. You’re further along than you think.

George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, greatest of German Idealists (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=4212) and one of the renowned philosophers of western tradition was born at Stuttgart on August 27th, 1770. He was the oldest son of a minor state official. In his school years at Stuttgart the future philosopher was not spectacular. However, at this period, his attraction to the great genius, especially the plays of Sophocles and above all in the Antigone was evident. At the age of eighteen he entered the University of Tubingen as a student of theology. However, he showed little aptitude for theology. The certificate which he received in 1793 commended his excellent talents but declared that his industry and knowledge were mediocre and above all deficient in philosophy. He seems to have profited most from the companionship of his friends, notably Holderlin and Schelling, with whom he read Kant and Plato. The friends studied Rousseau together and shared a common enthusiasm for the ideals of the French Revolution, which obviously might have stirred up in Hegel the later development of his philosophical ideals.


The “Phenomenology of spirit” appeared in 1807 despite the war, but Hegel himself was at loose ends. Two volumes of his science of logic were published in 1812, and a third in 1816, and he was offered professorships at Erlanges, Heidelberg, and Berlin. He accepted the invitation to Heidelberg, but after the publication of his “Encyclopedia of the philosophical sciences” in 1817, the offer of Berlin was renewed and accepted and he occupied the vacant chair following the death of Fichte.

Of course, this doesn’t come without a ‘price’. Before this journey, I was a TV addict. TV-bingeing wasn’t just a thing, it was MY thing!


Doing things differently and better. That’s how in our view the world has to deal with resources, materials and products. We need to radically rethink our current system and make it futureproof. Goodbye waste, hello circularity. For this reason, we embrace inventive concepts, ground-breaking innovations, smart technology and finding new ways to organise and cooperate. Anything for disruptive innovation.

This will tend to happen when Water energies are particularly strong. In this case, it is a matter of tweaking your internal conversations to turn the negative into the positive.


Recollecting Resonances: Listening to an Indonesian–Dutch Musical Heritage

The process in this pillar begins with the Yi Wood (乙) Indirect Resource. Because the Yi Wood is a fast-acting energy, the Ding Wei will tend to be a fast learner with a marked preference for hands-on learning. In essence, the learning process for the Ding Wei works better when you observe, do and master. This is an independent thinker who is not afraid to experiment.

Suggestion 1: Tamper some of those domineering traits through learned diplomacy and tact. I’m mindful, though, that you may not be open to this suggestion.


Like all Chen (辰) pillars, the Jia Chen carries an aura of nobility and grace. This gracefulness, sensitivity and adaptability is what allows you to move through different social circles with amazing ease.

University of California Los Angeles

After we’ve identified personas and mapped activities for personas we start to collaboratively develop user stories. We recommend the user story process because it can help uncover the deeper meaning behind a flat requirements document. Simply putting requirements into user story format is missing the point.


The validate stage, where we confirm we’re on the right track and continue training, is a nuanced stage that is very closely tied to the Build stage. This stage of the project is focused heavily on Bug Resolution and Sign-off. As you work through sprints you’ll be signing off on configuration and approving for the final release to production. Anticipation is high at this point - the end is beginning to be in sight and everyone is busy and enthusiastic about the final result!

An affinity with spiritual learnings come hand in hand with the Ding Wei pillar. What’s unique about the Ding Wei is that it literally sits on a Medical Star. So if you are a Ding Wei Day Master, casting about for hard talent that you can develop, do consider turning your hands to alternative healing arts.


This appetite for all that life has to offer comes from the Ding Fire (丁) Rob Wealth star, the source of your ambitions and competitive nature. Like the sun, you simply can’t help but shine brightly for all to see. It’s virtually impossible to ignore a Bing Wu Day Master.

They are particularly dangerous to a project (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=3446) because they normally hold sway over other key developers, as they are a developer’s developer: they represent ideal that developers strive for, and so easily gather other developers to their cause, as all developers want to be proud of the software that they write. In this way, they take the entire software development team hostage, and you are at their mercy. If you are lucky, they may begin to provide business value, but it will only be incidental to the goal of crafting great software. Essentially, you will only get business value when they are done, and they cannot tell you when they will be done, or how much business value you will truly receive. In truth, they are not concerned with being done at all, as it is the process itself – rather than the goal – that is fulfilling to them.


Jip is driven, enthusiastic and convinced that the transition to a circular economy is essential for a better and brighter future. With her enthusiasm she aims to mobilize others to join her goal: deviate from the status quo and towards a circular economy. Jip is convinced that new insights in financial, ecological and social benefits are a necessity to drive the transition forward. EME facilitates match-making with the highest-value reuse opportunity, therefore she sees EME as an important platform to facilitate the large scale transition to a circular economy and to make a real difference.

Cécile has been involved in achieving breakthroughs in social issues for many years. She developed herself at the interface of innovation and sustainability and has written academic articles on the importance of different organisational structures to achieve sustainable goals.


The Wu Earth (戊) Indirect Wealth Main Qi brings adds more goodies into the bag. The sheer stability of the Wu Earth represents your rock solid determination and ability to power through any obstacles in your way.

Every pillar has its own strengths and weaknesses. We don’t necessarily have to fix our weaknesses, but an awareness of these traits will be valuable to becoming a better version of you.


See the morning dew glistening on the leaves and flowers? That little drop of water resting gently on the petals is what the Gui Mao pillar represents.

Neil on Software Comments Feed

In the introduction of this post, I touched briefly on the Ji You’s appetite for change. I’m sure you are curious where that comes from. It’s rather technical but let me explain it as succinctly as I can. This You Branch has a silent-pull relationship with the Chen (辰) or Dragon Branch that carries the energies of your Wu Earth (戊) Rob Wealth. This You-Chen silent pull is the reason why you enjoy the adrenaline rush of risk-taking. What is scary to others, is thrilling for you! This is where your adventurous bend comes from, and it is also the reason why the Ji You does not sit around waiting for change to happen. Instead, the Ji You has the courage and ambition to effect big changes.


Neil on Software The Idealist Comments Feed

Although human beings are a part of nature, in very important respects they are quite unlike other animals. Human beings have the capacity to make things through their labor in order to satisfy their needs and desires. This entails forms of social cooperation and the capacity to plan. And human beings are conscious, having ideas which, among other things, enables them to make plans.


We are determined to fundamentally change the waste game - by introducing an innovative way of doing business that becomes the industry standard. That way, we will speed-up the world’s transition to a circular economy and we pull our weight in creating a clean planet for everyone.


It’s human nature to congregate around a fire. Build a campfire by the beach, and you will notice most of the crowd within its circle of warmth (exceptions are made for those sneaking off to do things in the dark, of course). Similarly, the Ding Wei Day Master will find that people are naturally drawn to you, attracted by your dynamic and commanding personality. At your best, you radiate an irresistable air of general joie de vivre What brings the vivaciousness to this pillar?

Most importantly for this Jia Chen, is the Gui Water (癸) Direct Resource. From this star, you inherit your astuteness and capacity to learn from your past mistakes, to keep evolving and growing.


Story mapping is an easy, modular way to map out anything from a business process to how to bake a pie. It's a versatile methodology that shows a high-level process flow for how people get things done. Story mapping allows Idealist (more about the author) Consultants to gain an understanding of your business processes as it relates to your database.

In the study of Bazi, we see that this rooted Day Master sits on its Resource and is constantly producing its own prosperous Eating God star. This formation denotes a person with beauty, elegance, idealism and intelligence.


Cynthia’s passion is to bring sustainability to life within organisations. She does this partly by using her background in business management and strategic sustainability. She enjoys applying systems thinking to different organisations and learning about new opportunities for materials and waste streams. Her experience ranges from circular economy consultancy, to sustainability lecturer, and in her last role she was CSR manager at a shipbuilding company. The red thread in each of her roles has always been to make sustainability tangible and translate its concepts to stakeholders. This is what brought her to EME; to use practical tools to show quantitative insights that will make the circular economy a no-brainer for organisations around the world.

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Finally, the Wu Earth 7 Killings star brings stability, pragmatism and objectivity to the Ren Yin Day Master. This is a solid base which endows the Ren Yin with its risk-assessment capacities and its ability to confront and embrace new challenges and adventures.


But I think it’s important to list down what you have completed – no matter how small. By the end of the month, you get to look back at how much progress you would have gained.

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How to leverage better data processes to revamp marketing, events, and project management processes

Individually these elements bring a lot to the table. But let’s take this one step further by putting the Geng Metal Eating God (庚) and Ren Water Indirect Wealth (壬) together. The presence of these two stars in a single pillar gives you the courage to dream big, the audacity to innovate and the soft skills to navigate past any obstacles.

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This knowledge, represented by Metal, is the missing link to support the Ren Day Master as it continuously produces the Eating God, Indirect Wealth and 7 Killings in the Branch. This ‘missing’ Metal is also the reason why you can be such a tough task master towards yourself. At times, you may find it difficult to feel contentment in your achievements.


The Hidden Sun Feed

Hence the problem, which obviously faced Hegel as an idealist (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=32), was that of including, as it were, the finite within the life of the infinite without depriving the former of its reality. The difficulty of solving this problem is responsible for a good deal of ambiguity in metaphysical idealism when it is a question of defining its relation to theism on the one hand and Pantheism on the other. However, the problem lingered on and constituted the fundamental springboard of existentialist trend. As such, it becomes consistent to ask: How can the human person become fully himself, free and independent in this existential order vis-à-vis the Hegelian abstraction that kept his reality or rather existence somewhere beyond this order. Could the individual human person be said to be free, responsible and actually existing yet remaining a moment in the “self-development” of the absolute thought or universal. If the state is the supreme will of the individual and if the individual exists for the good of the state as an institution, is the human person free from this mere objectification or relegation? How could this utilitarian principle of the many against one contribute to his survival? How could man’s authenticity be assured in this all-consuming absolute universal? In the present era, the submerging of the individual takes other forms in the society. These forms constitute the various ways the implications of Hegelian idealism become evident in our society.

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But since I started this side gig, the idiot box has gone silent. Actually, it broke down and I never even bothered to replace it.


Profile for World Federation of Music Therapy

While it is not visible to the naked eye, what I want you to know is that there is a hidden wellspring of creativity in the Jia Chen pillar. In the study of Bazi, it is possible for the Wu Earth (戊) Indirect Wealth and the Gui Water (癸) Direct Resource to combine and form the Fire element, which is the Output star for the Jia Day Master.

Selected Studies on APEC-Related Issues

Like most Jia wood Day Masters, your biggest Achilles’ heel might very well be your fear of vulnerability. In your quest to protect that soft inner core, you build walls, you practice denial, and worse, you may even begin to believe and internalize negative thoughts and feelings about yourself.


Are you a pragmatic or idealistic leader? I think that the Ren Yin will lean towards the pragmatic category, more interested in solid achievements as opposed to lofty dreams.

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To tell you the truth, in 2021, my Bazi chart was full of negative stars. But defiantly, I decided to start my side gig then. Because I knew I would make mistakes. I knew I would run into problems. Might as well get them over with when times are bad, I figured.


Of course, I will continue to post articles. After all, I’m only halfway through the 60 Pillars! This OCD Bing Fire thinks that a commitment is a commitment.

Remember the Ren Chen pillar (壬辰) pillar with its poetic name ‘Ren Saddling The Dragon’s Back’? Well, it’s time to meet the ‘Ren Saddling The Tiger’s Back’ – the Ren Yin (壬寅).


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However, the Gui Mao can seem to be just a little cold or detached. Some might even go as far as to label you a ‘diva’. Here’s why: while the Gui Mao Day Master is friendly, it is also extremely discerning. The Gui Mao does not deal with blind acceptance. In other words, it will not tolerate fools!

Let your intelligence shine through, use the Jia Wood (甲) Direct Officer star. The biggest drawback of the Ji You pillar is that this Earth is covering up the Intelligence star. To let your light shine through, we will need to employ the Jia Wood Direct Officer star. So now you’re wondering, how on earth should you activate this star?


I am grateful for the chance to serve and share my knowledge. I hope you’ve enjoyed visiting my blog.

The Ren Water is the star of connectivity. Here in the Year Pillar, it allows you to connect with people of all types and stripes. Additionally, Ren Water represents wisdom.


KARL MARX was a materialist -more than that, he was a historical materialist. Marxists, in order to establish their credentials in political arguments, frequently claim that they are giving a materialist analysis of a phenomenon. The claim that a materialist analysis is being provided both attests to the Marxist credentials of the argument, and validates the attitudes and actions that follow from that analysis.

Profile for Stav kesler

Needless to say, the Gui Water (癸) Direct Resource is very important as it keeps nourishing the Jia Wood Day Master. This suggestion seeks to activate the Gui Water in your Day Pillar.


Sufficient Unto the Day: Sermones Contra Solicitudinem

There is a high degree of intellectual curiosity in the Wu Shen. You enjoy picking up new knowledge. Analyzing new data is literally child’s play for you. Best of all, not only are you able to internalize but you can also simplify complex issues. This single trait alone is a big strength for the Wu Shen. When you embrace and activate this ability, new adventures will always be beckoning on the horizon.

A Framework For Marketing Management

As mentioned earlier, the Bing Fire (丙) Hurting Officer Star plays a big role in how the Yi Si functions. This is where the creative energy and optimism of the Yi Si comes from. This element also brings you that ability to present fresh new perspectives on the same-old; same-old.


But she feels most organisations use too many of them, which leads to little to no impact. She’s excited about EME’s dedication and determination to make a huge impact. In the waste sector and circular economy and on the whole planet. In addition, she believes that EME’s proposition is valuable and that they can truly make a difference. So she happily helps them to keep things as short and simple as possible.

The morning dew needs something to rest upon – usually, it’s the leaves and petals. This scenario denotes the sense of belonging that is always sought by the Gui Mao. As a result, please be aware that this elusive sense of belonging may inadvertently translate into an excessive attachment to the material world. When your sense of self-happiness and self-satisfaction is driven by what you have instead of what you create, it’s time to pull the hand-brakes!


Again thanks to the Yi Wood (乙) Rob Wealth, you present as someone full of charisma and dynamism. People gravitate to you for help, because they see you as a friend in need who is benevolent, kind and protective.

Additionally, the Bing Wu is also one of the Six Elegant Day Masters, which makes this pillar highly attractive to others. In short, people are literally enthralled and captured by your brilliance.


A Guide to Maintenance management

Like all Gui Day Masters, the first impression you give is as someone who is friendly and able to get along with anyone. Likability factor is high, given that this Gui Water Day Master sits on the Mao (卯) Branch which is also a Peach Blossom star.

However, the Gui Mao can take this process one step further. This Artistic Eating God Formation will not be content with merely absorbing and regurgitating theories. Instead, you have the ability to take in information from multiple sources and create new lines of thinking and solutions. Nothing delights the Gui Mao more than the ability to come up with new ideas and new approaches.


Here in the Month Pillar, this Ren stem will have strong views, but weakly held. No, I’m not calling the Ren Yin a wishy-washy pillar!

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I’ve learnt a lot since that first post. There has been some sacrifices too.


Because this is an original free spirit that bucks at rules and restrictions. However, these same traits can create an inspirational leader if all that positive energy and enthusiasm is harnessed towards your ambitions.

The Ji Earth, by its nature, is resourceful. In the case of the Ji You, this dry earth has the capacity and intelligence to absorb an enormous amount of information. At this point, allow me to digress just a little. I’m sure this is not the first Ji You web article that you have read. Every single one of them will surely remark upon your intelligence. But where does this intelligence come from?


After his stay in Tubingen, Hegel became a family tutor at Berne in Switzerland and Frankfurt respectively. During his residence in Switzerland he wrote a life of Jesus, a critique of positive religion and several studies in the history of religion. Later, his attention turned to questions of economics and government, and he left writings on the reform of the Prussian land laws, a commentary on James Stuart’s Political Economy, and other studies of similar character which have since been published. In 1800, he produced a sketch, which is generally regarded as the first systematic statement of his philosophy.

Fallen Nation Babylon Burning

If you are a Wu Shen (戊申) or Earth Monkey Day Master, chances are, you would be! Imagined as a rugged mountain with a core of minerals, the Wu Shen (戊申) is yet another pillar that signifies a person with a load of hidden talents.