The increasing of internet usage in Indonesia has encouraged the phenomenon of online shopping into needs or hobbies for social network users, especially students. This research aims to analyze and discover the uniqueness of online shopping behavior among Indonesian students, which consists the stage of problem identification, search information, alternative evaluation, purchase decision, and post-purchase behavior. This research used qualitative approach with descriptive method. The interviewees consist of online shop owners and students who come from various departments and universities in Indonesia. The result shows that Indonesian students began online shopping in 2021–2021. They used online shopping applications such as Lazada, Tokopedia, and other online shop, which has Instagram account. They shop online because it is easier, cheaper, the goods more varied, and sometimes, the goods are rare in the conventional market. They rarely become regular customers, and some of them were getting into the addictive stage of online shopping. The purchase decision of online shopping among Indonesian students obtained results that online shopping is considered wasteful, consumptive, and having high risk of fraud. Search and share have become the power in the purchasing decision process.

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  • Hospitals ‘collapse’ as second wave engulfs Indonesia
  • Tectonic implications of new age data for the Meratus complex of South Kalimantan, Indonesia
  • Geology and tectonics of pre-tertiary rocks in the Meratus Mountains, south east Kalimantan, Indonesia
  • Report on the geological survey of west Kalimantan, republic of Indonesia

Upper Cretaceous granites are present as small isolated plutons in a belt north of the Schwaner Mountains from West Sarawak, in the Kuching Zone and close to the Lupar Line, to central Kalimantan (Figure 2B). They include the Pueh, Gading and Tinteng Bedil granites of West Sarawak, and the Pesinduk Granodiorite, the Era and Topai granites of central Kalimantan (Figure 2B). This belt has been named the Northern Belt of granite plutons (Williams et al, 1988) and the Sambas-Mangkaliat Isolated Granite Belt (Hartono, 2021). The plutons include granites, granodiorites, tonalites and diorites usually with I- and S-type signatures and volcanic arc granite (VAG) to within plate granite (WPG) character (Hennig et al, 2021). Kirk (1968) interpreted a post-collision emplacement. Hartono (2021) included the Nyaan Merah, Kelai, and Sangkulirang granites in this belt, but there are no age or geochemical data from them. Hennig et al. (2021) reported U-Pb zircon ages of 78/6 ± 3 to 79/7 ± 1 Ma for the Pueh and Gading plutons. K-Ar ages of Kirk (1968), Bladon et al. (1989) and Pieters et al. (1993c) for the other granitoids are similar and indicate intrusion after c. 90–85 Ma. Table 1 summarises the age data for the Upper Cretaceous post-collision plutons.


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SW Borneo is interpreted as a block derived from the Gondwana margin of NW Australia (Hall et al, 2009; Metcalfe, 2009; Hall, 2021) which accreted to Sundaland in the Early Cretaceous. Hennig et al. (2021) suggested a suture between West Borneo and SW Borneo (Figure 3B) which can be traced through the NW Schwaner Mountains into West Sarawak based on the occurrence of Triassic basement rocks and Triassic sedimentary units in the West Borneo province. East of the suture, the Schwaner Mountains includes a substantial part of the SW Borneo Block and north of the SW Borneo Block is the Kuching Zone of Haile (1974) (Figure 1B).

VAT Registration in Indonesia

Garnets in both samples are spessartine-rich almandines. Shaded area shows garnets from low pressure-high temperature terranes for comparison (data from Suggate and Hall, 2021). Fields: 1) granites, 2) granulite and high-Mg pelites, 3) blueschists, 4) calc-silicates, skarns and rodingites, 5) ultrabasics, 6) basic rocks sub-ophiolites.


From radish sculpture contests to parades with giant floats made entirely of citrus, food makes a fantastic medium for creative expression beyond the kitchen. Stunning, ephemeral, and sometimes painstakingly detailed, Tibetan Buddhist butter sculptures might be the finest example of food art. To make the sculptures, monks and nuns shape yak butter—which also fuels lamps in Buddhist temples—by hand and dye it with mineral pigments to form flowers, animals, and symbols. The sculptures are a crucial element of the New Year’s Butter Lamp Festival in Tibet, when the streets are filled with flickering butter lamps and beautiful butter-based art. But, like most food, this wonder doesn’t last forever. At some point, the makers melt their masterpieces or feed them to animals.

Wu, J. M, and Yang, M. Z. (1994). Age analysis of seismic sequences in the southwestern South China Sea.


Moss, S. J, Carter, A, Baker, S, and Hurford, A. J. (1998). A Late Oligocene tectono-volcanic event in East Kalimantan and the implications for tectonics and sedimentation in Borneo.

Indonesia to Sign New Trade Deal with Australia

Note: The shareholding structure refers to the owners of your future company. If this is another foreign company please enter the full name of this company (a Indonesian (web) subsidiary).


Van Emmichoven, C. P. A. Z. (1939). De geologie van het centrale en oostelijke deel van de Westerafdeeling van Borneo. Jaarboek Mijnwezen Nederlandsch Oost Indië, Verhandelingen 68, 7–186.

Thai Red Curry paste is a “secret ingredient” in both the marinade and the sauce. You just need about 2/5 tbsp which doesn’t sound like much, but we don’t want this to taste of red curry. We’re just using it as a flavour enhancer.


A geochronological toolkit for microsoft excel, berkeley geochronology center. Berkeley, CA: Special Publications.

Alkali feldspar grains are commonly exsolved to microperthite or show simple twinning with no zoning and advanced sericitic alteration (Figures 11A,B). Magnetite inclusions are abundant. Locally, intergrown feldspar and quartz grains produce a granophyric texture, likely the product of late cooling of liquid approaching the cotectic. Some amphibole is present, which is mostly green with irregular grain boundaries, but a few are blueish in transmitted light. This alkali amphibole is only observed in this granite of the SSZ. Biotite is conspicuous by its absence. Apatite and zircon are common, along with some opaque minerals but titanite and rutile are absent. The Sangiyang Granite is geochemically comparable to the Belaban samples. The samples are alkali granites with SiO2 of 77 to 79 wt% and K2O above 4 wt%, which classes them as high-K calc-alkaline (Figures 9A,B). The samples are peraluminous, calc-alkalic and alkali-calcic, and ferroan (Frost et al, 2001; Figure 9C).


A helicopter looking for the missing vessel spotted an oil spill in waters where the submarine was thought to have submerged. The navy said it has not pinpointed the submarine’s location but narrowed the search down based on the spill. The oil “could indicate damage on the body” of the submarine, navy spokesman Julius Widjojono told MetroTV.

I’m a firm believer that Chicken Satay skewers should be tasty enough to eat on their own and the peanut sauce just takes it over the top. So I like to marinade the chicken to make it extra tasty.


Haile, N. S, and Bignell, J. D. (1971). Late Cretaceous age based on K/Ar dates of granitic rock from the Tambelan and Bunguran islands, Sunda Shelf, Indonesia.

Haile, N. S, McElhinny, M. W, and McDougall, I. (1977). Palaeomagnetic data and radiometric ages from the cretaceous of west Kalimantan (Borneo), and their significance in interpreting regional structure.


As we have pointed out above there is no evidence of Triassic granites anywhere in the NSZ or SSZ of the SW Borneo Block, an area of c. 74,000 km2. However, on the basis of similar Jurassic ages Burton-Johnson et al. (2021) suggest the Segama granitoids can be correlated with a NWSZ meta-granodiorite. However, this meta-granodiorite records multiple Jurassic igneous phases (Hennig et al, 2021; Figure 15), which are not present in the Segama granitoids. The Jurassic SSZ rock of this study is of WPG character, while the Segama granitoids are arc-related. We suggest a correlation of granitoids, across at least one suture zone, and in case of the SSZ rock of different character, is implausible.

Hennig, J, Hall, R, and Armstrong, R. A. (2021). U-Pb zircon geochronology of rocks from west Central Sulawesi, Indonesia: extension-related metamorphism and magmatism during the early stages of mountain building.


TABLE 1. Literature age data of Jurassic to Cretaceous rocks of the Schwaner Mountains and western Borneo. Phases marked with * are here reinterpreted based on their ages compared to their original interpretation.

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According to UNAIDS, Indonesia accounts for nearly a quarter (23%) of AIDS-related deaths and 18% of new infections in the Asia-Pacific region. HIV prevalence is also very high in key populations compared to the general population – 5/3% of sex workers, 25/8% of men who have sex with men, 28/8% of people who inject drugs, and 24/8% of transgender people are thought to be living with HIV.


How to make Thai chicken satay skewers

Smyth, H. R, Hall, R, and Nichols, G. J. (2008). Cenozoic volcanic arc history of East Java, Indonesia: the stratigraphic record of eruptions on an active continental margin.

First measurement of jet mass in Pb–Pb and p–Pb collisions at the LHC

Several PMG samples show magmatic or recrystallised zircons of this age, suggesting they are either volcanic products of phase II or slightly older volcanic rocks subsequently recrystallised at c. 110 Ma (Figure 15). A granodiorite of 118/6 ± 1/1 Ma from the NWSZ (Hennig et al, 2021) is interpreted as part of phase II further supporting the suturing of West Borneo and SW Borneo before this time.


PMG sample LD10-084 (garnet-sillimanite schist) was crushed to gravel sized chips using the jaw crusher at Royal Holloway University of London. It was washed and sieved into 420–600 μm and 250–420 μm grain fractions. Biotite and white mica flakes were concentrated using flotation techniques and separated using a FRANTZ magnetic separator. Samples were finally hand-picked in order to ensure purity of >99%. Two biotite fractions (L2—250–420 μm & L3—420–600 μm) and one white mica fraction (L1—420–600 μm) were selected for analysis. The mica separates were analysed using the furnace step-heating technique in the Argon Laboratory at the Research School of Earth Science, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia. Separates were irradiated in canister ANU#13 at the USGS Nuclear Reactor in Denver (USA) with the GA1550 biotite standard (98/5 ± 0/8 Ma; Spell and McDougall, 2003). Flux monitor standard GA1550 was analysed with the fusion technique with the LED continuous wave laser, and samples and standards were analysed in the VG1200 mass spectrometer with 100% gas release of 39Ar. Separates were analysed with 18–21 steps and with temperatures rising from 450°C to 1450°C (Lovera et al, 1989).

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Xu, C, Shi, H, Barnes, C. G, and Zhou, Z. (2021). Tracing a late Mesozoic magmatic arc along the Southeast Asian margin from the granitoids drilled from the northern South China Sea.

Forster, M, and Lister, G. (2009). Core‐complex‐related extension of the Aegean lithosphere initiated at the Eocene‐Oligocene transition.


Twice a year, pilgrims in Sardinia walk 20 miles from the city of Nuoro to the village of Lula. They are celebrating the Feast of San Francesco, and when they reach their destination they will be rewarded with the rarest pasta in the world. Also known as su filindeu, Threads of God are intricate, painstakingly pulled noodles that only three women on Earth can make. So it’s not surprising that the pasta has proved the most desired, yet elusive food in Gastro Obscura’s database: It has the greatest discrepancy between readers who want to try it and those who actually have had the pleasure.

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In the second phase of the study, which is underway now, researchers will explore different interventions to improve testing and ART adherence. The pilot will provide vital evidence to suggest interventions which can be brought to scale across the country to improve the HIV treatment cascade for key affected populations.


Steiger, R. H, and Jäger, E. (1977). Subcommission on geochronology: convention on the use of decay constants in geo- and cosmochronology.

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The data revealed that care retention rates were much better in places where participants could get tested and then immediately linked to treatment services, as opposed to locations where only testing was available. The researchers note that this is important evidence for integrating HIV testing and treatment into primary care services – which has been happening slowly.


Zimmermann, S, and Hall, R. (2021). Provenance of triassic and jurassic sandstones in the Banda arc: petrography, heavy minerals and zircon geochronology.

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Lovera, O. M, Richter, F. M, and Harrison, T. M. (1989). The40Ar/39Ar thermochronometry for slowly cooled samples having a distribution of diffusion domain sizes.


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On the Scoville scale, which ranks spiciness, a single bird’s eye chili is 100,000 units, which is hot, but nothing warranting a death moniker. However, when crushed and combined, the 100 to 150 peppers in death noodles can add up to a scorching Scoville rating of 20 million.


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In a study published in the Lancet this week, researchers enrolled 831 people newly infected with HIV belonging to these groups in four locations: Bali, Bandung, Jakarta, and Yogyakarta. Each location was serviced with a mix of primary care sites, hospitals and non-governmental organisation programmes, and each provider was selected because they already had HIV prevention and treatment programmes in place, as well as experience working with key affected populations.

Broken down, female sex workers were the least likely to start and remain in care – an alarming 43% of female sex workers did not return to care after they initiated ART, compared to 32% of waria, 24% of people who inject drugs, and 20% of gay men lost to care. The overwhelming majority of sex workers recruited were living in Bali, where an active civil society and outreach network exists for this group, so generalising outcomes from these may be more difficult for the rest of the country – particularly as the sex industry is characterised by stigma, mobility issues, andpoor education.


This research aims to determine: (1) the processes of instructional management based on Curriculum 2021; (2) the constraints faced; and (3) the efforts of its solution in Elementary School in Malang City, Indonesia. This research used a qualitative approach. The research instrument is the researcher himself. Data collected by means interview, observation, and documentation. Informants in this research are supervisors, principals, and teachers.

Van Bemmelen, R. W. (1939). De geologie van het westelijke en zuidelijke deel van de Wester-Afdelling van Borneo.


Samples LD10-49 and LD10-60 are volcanic and sheared volcanic rocks from the NSZ at the northern margin of the Schwaner Mountains, and are Early Cretaceous. They were sampled from an area mapped as PMG 20 km east of Sungai Menunuk.

The Laur Granite was reported to be an equivalent of the Sepauk Tonalite (Supriatna et al, 1993). The main rock type is monzogranite accompanied by syenogranite, granodiorite, tonalite, quartz diorite and diorite (Pieters and Sanyoto, 1993; Supriatna et al, 1993). As parts of the Laur Granite suite are petrographically similar to rocks of the Sepauk Tonalite and Sukadana Granite of the SSZ (De Keyser and Rustandi, 1993) it remains difficult to clearly identify it in the field. No detailed geochemical study has been carried out on the Laur Granite and its spatial extent is unknown. There are also no age data available, but a granitoid dated by the K-Ar method with an age of 103 ± 1 Ma from the Ketapang area of the SSZ (De Keyser and Rustandi, 1993; Table 1) is suspected to represent the Laur Granite (Supriatna et al, 1993). Within the NWSZ, Haile et al. (1977) and Bladon et al. (1989) reported K-Ar ages from granitoids that range from c. 91 to 103 Ma (Table 1) which might also represent the Laur Granite. It was interpreted as a subduction-related intrusion and possibly a partly contemporaneous and co-genetic equivalent of the Sepauk Tonalite (Amiruddin and Trail, 1993; Pieters and Sanyoto, 1993).


Red curry paste - The best Thai red curry paste (in my opinion) is Maesri which comes in small cans and also happens to be the cheapest. Sold at large supermarkets (Coles, Woolies, Harris), Asian stores. But any brand will do because it's an enhancer rather than key flavouring.

Burton-Johnson et al. (2021) interpreted the Segama granitoids to intrude older ophiolitic rocks although conceded that “it is hard to prove” that the [intruded] basalt is truly ophiolitic rather than the product of non-ophiolitic arc magmatism. They suggest that a 217 Ma K-Ar age from a metagabbro from Darvel Bay may support the ophiolitic option although they fail to observe that this is more than 30 Ma younger than their U-Pb ages from the Segama granitoids. The descriptions of the mainly basic metamorphic rocks intruded by the granitoids (Leong, 1974) do suggest an ophiolitic or arc origin. However, this provides no information on the position of the Segama granitoids in the Triassic which could have been almost anywhere in the West Pacific.


How to make Thai peanut sauce

Thai Chicken Satay is a popular starter on Thai restaurants menus along with Thai Fish Cakes. But it’s also ideal served as a main.

Close up of Thai Chicken Satay being dipped into Thai Peanut Sauce

Setiawan, N. I, Osanai, Y, Nakano, N, Adachi, T, Setiadji, L. D, and Wahyudiono, J. (2021). Late Triassic metatonalite from the Schwaner Mountains in West Kalimantan and its contribution to sedimentary provenance in the Sundaland. Berita Sedimentologi 28 (12/2021), 4–12.


Tera, F, and Wasserburg, G. J. (1972). U-Th-Pb systematics in three Apollo 14 basalts and the problem of initial Pb in lunar rocks.

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Indonesia, US set up $3.5m maritime training center

Kudrass, H. R, Wiedicke, M, Cepek, P, Kreuzer, H, and Müller, P. (1986). Mesozoic and Cainozoic rocks dredged from the South China Sea (Reed Bank area) and Sulu Sea and their significance for plate-tectonic reconstructions.

The Raya Volcanics outcrop NW of the Schwaner Mountains in the area of the Mensibau Granodiorite (Figure 2B) where they are interpreted to form its volcanic cover (Suwarna et al, 1993) and the contemporaneous volcanic equivalent of the Sepauk Tonalite and Laur Granite (Supriatna et al, 1993). They include predominantly basic volcanics with some intercalated sandstones, conglomerates and mudstones (Suwarna et al, 1993). There is a single K-Ar hornblende age of 106 ± 1 Ma from a dacite (Suwarna et al, 1993, Table 1).


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Can use normal peanut butter spread but the peanut flavour is not as good and sauce will be thicker. Do not be tempted to dilute with too much water - it will dilute the flavour.


The Sangiyang Granite (Figure 4) forms a fine-grained small alkali granite pluton that intrudes the Sukadana Granite at Bukit Sangiyang and has been mapped more widely in the SSZ based on remote sensing (De Keyser and Rustandi, 1993). No age or chemical data are available, but a Late Cretaceous age was assumed based on the intrusive contact with the Sukadana Granite (De Keyser and Rustandi, 1993).

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The beam size varied from 10 to 20 μm for rim and core analyses respectively. The TEMORA 2 U-Pb standard and SL13 uranium concentration (U = 238 ppm) standard were used for calibration. Analyses followed the procedure of Williams (1997). Analytical data for SHRIMP geochronology is listed in Supplementary Table S1.


Searle, M. P, Whitehouse, M. J, Robb, L. J, Ghani, A. A, Hutchison, C. S, Sone, M, et al. (2021). Tectonic evolution of the Sibumasu-Indochina terrane collision zone in Thailand and Malaysia: constraints from new U-Pb zircon chronology of SE Asian tin granitoids.

Heryanto, R, and Jones, B. G. (1996). Tectonic development of Melawi and Ketungau basins, Western Kalimantan, Indonesia 19. Bandung, Indonesia: Bulletin Geological Research and Development Centre, 151–179.


Chicken satay is a summertime favourite to cook on the BBQ. But I usually cook it on the stove for convenience.

During food shortages in the USSR, no crumb went to waste. Thrifty chefs used sgushyonka, a sweetened condensed milk, to deliciously glue bits of leftover cake, cookies, or bread together to form new desserts.


Peccerillo, A, and Taylor, S. R. (1976). Geochemistry of Eocene calc-alkaline volcanic rocks from the Kastamonu area, northern Turkey.

Thai Chicken Satay Skewers

Meaning “potato” in Russian, the crumb collage gets shaped into a little tuber and coated in cocoa powder for a final flourish. Now that cafeterias tend to have more ingredients to spare, the treats sometimes get a splash of cognac or rum and a bit of frosting.


Shellnutt, J. G, Lan, C -Y, Van Long, T, Usuki, T, Yang, H -J, Mertzman, S. A, et al. (2021). Formation of Cretaceous Cordilleran and post-orogenic granites and their microgranular enclaves from the Dalat zone, southern Vietnam: tectonic implications for the evolution of Southeast Asia.

Thai Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce

The oldest wine in the world is nearly 1,700 years old. Unearthed from a couple’s tomb in what is now Speyer, Germany, the Speyer wine bottle houses a dark, resin-like mass and cloudy liquid. And just how did this liquid keep while other ancient tipples evaporated? Historians point to a solid wax seal and significant portion of olive oil in the wine, which helped further seal the liquid off from air. You can still see the wine bottle at Speyer’s Historical Museum of the Palatinate. Researchers even say that it’s probably still safe to drink, but museum curators aren’t taking any chances cracking the ancient seal.

  • Bandung, Indonesia: Bulletin Geological Research and Development Centre, 151–179
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The Mesozoic tectono-magmatic evolution at the Paleo-Pacific subduction zone in West Borneo

Most of those services let anyone access any inbox knowing only email address. If your email address is leaked or guessed your account is compromised.


The confirmation of Triassic and Jurassic ages by Burton-Johnson et al. (2021) for arc-related igneous rocks in Sabah does not answer the question where they were located in the Early Mesozoic. As observed above, both northern Australia and East Asia/eastern Sundaland were subduction margins. Metcalfe (1990) identified a Mangkalihat terrane in NE Kalimantan that separated from NW Australia in the Late Jurassic, and included this (Metcalfe, 2021) as part of the East Java-West Sulawesi terrane of Hall et al. (2009). Hennig et al. (2021) identified an Australian-derived terrane spanning NW Sulawesi, NE Kalimantan and East Sabah as an Inner Banda Block rifted in the Late Jurassic. Igneous and metamorphic rocks from this block in Sulawesi have Triassic inherited zircons (Hennig et al, 2021; van Leeuwen et al, 2021). Other possibilities are that the Sabah arc rocks were situated somewhere further north in the East Asian margin, or were even in an intra-oceanic position in the Pacific. There is no possibility of obtaining faunal or palaeomagnetic evidence that could help to solve this problem since none of the granitoid areas retain any sedimentary cover and there are no suitable rocks or paleohorizontal markers to use in palaeomagnetic investigations. The only way to resolve this question is using zircon data, but currently there are too few analyses from the Segama granitoids, or other rocks in Sabah, that might help. Our study, and that of Burton-Johnson et al. (2021), both indicate the need for new high-quality dating studies in Borneo.

Kirk, H. J. C. (1968). The igneous rocks of Sarawak and Sabah. Geological Survey of Malaysia, Borneo Region Bulletin 5, 210.


It was all fun and games until the teacake explosion. During the summer of 1965, a captain and student pilot forgot they had placed several unwrapped treats above their instrument panels. After the captain performed an emergency depressurizing switch, the treats exploded, scattering chocolate shrapnel and marshmallow across the windshield, flight controls, and the mens’ uniforms. Afterward, the RAF banned marshmallows from flights. Although it’s never been officially confirmed, most people suspect the teacakes in question were Tunnock’s.

Ingredients in Thai Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce

Natural peanut butter is 100% peanuts and has a stronger peanut flavour than commercial peanut butter which has sugar and other additives. It is also thinner so less water is required to achieve the right consistency. Pretty widely available nowadays in the health food section of supermarkets.


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The Ketapang Complex (Figure 4) comprises thermally metamorphosed and hydrothermally altered pelitic and psammitic rocks including siltstones, sandstones, shales, calc-silicate rocks, slates, and tuffaceous lithic arenites in the western part of the SSZ (De Keyser and Rustandi, 1993). Van Bemmelen (1939) and van Emmichoven (1939) considered that the Ketapang Complex included rocks of possible Permo-Carboniferous, Late Triassic and Cenozoic age, without providing evidence. Limited palynology analyses (Haile, 1973; De Keyser and Rustandi, 1993) yielded Albian to Cenomanian ages and one sample was rich in possible Jurassic sponges.