The band is performing a New Year’s show following the release of their deluxe album, and after that, the possibilities are endless; the road, open. The days, for Jesse Rutherford, are taken in stride. Whether he is embarking on a chromatic journey or just playing his guitar, he’s taking things as they come.

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Throughout 2021 and 2021, he collaborated with the likes of Riff Raff and toured around the globe alongside Hoodie Allen and LANY. Becoming a live force, he performed at Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and Firefly.


Having worked nine months solid on this album, they’ve managed to encapsulate a mish-mash of genres within the body of work; and successfully too. Every single track provides the backbone of a story.

Another song titled ‘Afraid’ reached at number 25 on the ‘Billboard 200’ and number 5 at the ‘Billboard Alternate Songs’ chart. Jesse appeared nude in the video of ‘Afraid’ which garnered a lot of attention.


I’ve always been an in-between kind of fella. I’m not quite this, I’m not quite that. I’m not super masc, I’m not super feminine. I’m kind of a confused person, to be honest with you.

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According to police, Jesse had already passed through TSA last weekend when cops spotted him trying to ditch a bag of marijuana in the terminal's food court. But officers were hip to his game and he was SOL.


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In 2003, he had an uncredited role in a comedy film, ‘Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star,’ starring David Spade and Mary McCormack. The movie was a critical failure but commercial success.

His clear complexion can't exactly be owed to an extensive skin-care routine, though. Rutherford (have a peek here) credits a cleanser his girlfriend Devon Lee Carlson — you may have heard of her — gave to him: the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser.


Actually, this producer duo called Take a Daytrip–they did that Sheck Wes song [“Mo Bamba”], “Panini” by Lil Nas X–they’re doing so well. I’ve known them for a long time. They’ve always sent me beat packs and I’ll just go through, pick ten at a time. I thought Chip was going to be leaning more toward my hip-hop shit.

But as you can see—you referenced the top Dev got for me—there’s so much opportunity for Chip to grow visually. When we [The Neighbourhood] go on tour later this year, I want to develop this. But there’s also something about the campiness, this B-level visual, that I really like.


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The next song titled ‘Sweater Weather’ reached the top spot on the ‘Billboard Alternative Songs’ chart in June 2021. The band was certified as Gold by the RIAA for reaching digital sales of more than 500,000 for the single.

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RUTHERFORD: The weirdest twist to it all—which I love, which is wonderful—is that I get off of it, and a week later I get an email that Lily from Interview fuckin’ Magazine. I mean, it’s Interview Magazine! If that isn’t a sign to pay attention, then I’m an asshole and I need to recalibrate my vision.


Jesse Rutherford as Chip Chrome removing silver paint from his face with a makeup wipe

He also used to perform in talent shows. He impersonated Elvis Presley and ‘NSYNC’ in many of these shows.

In 2021 and 2021, he collaborated with the likes of Riff Raff and toured around the globe alongside Hoodie Allen and LANY. Becoming a live force, he performed at Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and Firefly. Simultaneously, his independent anthem “Two Shots” organically caught fire on Spotify. Co-produced by Goody and boasting his inimitable guitar playing, the track cracked 12 million streams and counting.


The singer is hardly defensive or pretentious with these claims, though. Instead, they encapsulate his passion for art and self-expression. Makeup, Rutherford (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=2915) believes, should be as broadly and abstractly approached without gender roles attached. He hopes his use of makeup can exemplify the non-permanent, boundary-less ways to explore our identities — no matter who we are.

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As he grew older, Jesse began to take music a little more seriously. In 2008, he was the lead vocalist in a local band called Curicula. Soon after, he and Jez Dior formed a duo named The Good Boys.


Limited 180gm audiophile vinyl LP pressing including digital download. I Love You is the debut studio album by alt-rock band The Neighbourhood (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=6922) which was released worldwide on April 22 2021. The tracks on this album expresses a series of angst-ridden themes based on both the vibe and lyrical content of the songs.

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Avoid smoking while wearing gold teeth. Just as tobacco use can lead to yellowing of your natural teeth, it can also cause gold teeth to tarnish much faster.


Jesse Rutherford’s Tips to Maintaining Your Shine

RUTHERFORD: I’m trying to figure out myself in all of this. Maybe I’m expected to have already done that, but I haven’t. I feel like I turned into a “thing” on the Internet. When you work on a piece of music for a long time, you post it, and it gets X amount of likes, then you post a picture with your girlfriend and it gets X amount. It’s just a weird, challenging, confusing feeling.

The sultry companion video premiered today via Baeble and marks Goody's first video released via Atlantic Records/Banana Beat. Featuring moody lighting and masquerade masks, the "Two Shots" video takes viewers on a trippy, haunting ride.


This audio scheme might have been more appropriate when the group became one of the first bands to release a free mixtape, a marketing strategy found more often in the rap and hip-hop genres. If you have the opportunity to skip “Roll Call,” trust me when I say your ears don’t need to be in attendance. You will, however, want to pay attention to the next song on the record.

RUTHERFORD: Comparing myself to everything, everyone, everybody I love. You can’t look at humans like that. I don’t want to think about what everyone else is doing. I feel my creativity pumping back up again. I mean, I have the queen of social media sleeping in the bed next to me. And it’s the coolest thing ever, the way Devon does it? That’s the way you gotta do it. Not work for it, but make it work for you. And that’s cool, that’s her thing, it doesn’t have to be my thing. Luckily, if I do want to come back.


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In 2021, they dropped #000000 & #FFFFFF, a “black and white” mixtape which showcased their full-blown abilities intertwined with the hip-hop world. It became available for free download through DatPiff. Hosted by the critically acclaimed Don Cannon and DJ Drama, the new songs calmed the waters for fans desperately awaiting a follow-up effort from their debut. A version of the project without DJ tags was published later in 2021.


I was kind of the odd one out, in my neighborhood, my area, obsessed with rap. I decided to stick with the guitar, and I fell in love with it, not having to use so many goddamn words. In fact, I don’t want Chip to talk, because Jesse talks enough. It’s all in the song, that’s where I’m gonna leave it. And “Middle of Somewhere” is a good jumping off point. That’s probably the purest sound you’re gonna hear; it’s just me and a guitar.

Let’s not forget that there were new singles released solely out of this album. Take “Flowers”, the first single.


In 2021, he co-founded ‘The Neighbourhood (click over here now)’ and became its lead vocalist. The rock band presented a mix of R&B, hip-hop, indie rock, and electronica.

When he was 12, Jesse told his mom that he was going to be covered in tattoos and, sure enough, now he is. His tattoos include an upside-down Illuminati symbol on his neck, the words “let go” and “let God” on his chest, and the words “know love” on his knuckles. Not many people know this, but he also has a tattoo of a switchblade on his eyebrow.

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The Scruffy, Stylish Love Of Jesse Rutherford And Devon Carlson

Me and Dev [Devon Carlson, Rutherford’s partner] met her, she was our neighbor at an apartment we lived at a bit ago. She came over, fucked around and helped me with an eye design. For the most part, though, I’ve always done it on my own. We did a tour recently, and I’d usually start an hour before the show, giving myself time to get in the headspace. I could turn into Chip in 25 minutes.


As far as his own fashion taste goes, Rutherford has been praised many times over for his sense of style. He admits to frequently stealing clothes from his girlfriend, and walks the line between masculine and feminine in a number of his looks, donning anything from a pastel yellow tea dress to tattoo-revealing white tanks and tight pants.

In 2021, the band initiated their “playlist” campaign. This started with the Hard EP, which was released on September 22nd, 2021. Later in the year, “Scary Love” was premiered by Zane Lowe on Beats 1 Radio and a follow-up EP to Hard was announced. Titled To Imagine, the 5-track project dropped January 12th, 2021.


Rutherford, 27, worked at Vans, Journeys, Urban Outfitters, and Active skate shop throughout his teen years. When his fashion ambition outpaced the selection at the various stores in The Oaks, his local mall, he simply started dipping into the women's section.