PayPal offers its service worldwide, which requires the company to be registered, authorized and/or licensed in many jurisdictions. In the US, Paypal is licensed as a money transmitter in all fifty states. In the European Union, PayPal is licensed as a bank in Luxembourg. Thanks to EU regulations, PayPal can “passport” this license and operate in other countries throughout the EU. PayPal also holds local entities in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Mexico, and Russia. In every other country, PayPal provides its service through PayPal Pte.

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Wireless IM Snif v.3.0.39

Drives Meter is very useful gadget that monitoring all your HHD (hybrid hard drive), SSD (solid-state drive) and flash drive. It will show your drive (used space, free space, disk space, read speed, write speed and percentage activity). For flyout features it will show all your drive information.

You can probably do this as a dual licensed app. GNU/Linux users would get it for free(as in both price and freedom). If you can market it in a nice way, other OS companies (both self-made and integrators) might want to buy exclusive code licenses (thanks to dual licensing). You might want to check out how MySQL makes money from their dual licensing (check this out) schemes. Also, if your app was real good, and setup a paypal (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=6878) account, you may even get a load of donations!


AirGrab Network Packet Analyzer is a professional Network analyzer (also known as protocol analyzer and packet sniffer), AirGrab Network Packet Analyzer performs real-time packet capturing, Network monitoring, advanced protocol analyzing, in-depth packet decoding. It allows you to get a clear view of the complex Network, conduct packet level analysis, and.

Explore shared resources on your local Network. BySoft Network Share Browser searches your complete local Network and finds shared resources (files, disks, printers) - Easy to use - Finds networks, disks, files, printers - Helps you find possible information leaks - Freeware!


Will issue all keys and locks by serial number to the Key Custodians using DA Form

GPU Meter is very useful gadget that monitoring your GPU (graphics processing unit) or graphic card. It will show your GPU (vendor, model, clock speed, temperature, usage), memory (clock speed, size, usage), fan (speed, usage), shader clock speed, PCB temperature and PCI express.

Wireless network hack tools


Windows 7 Help & Advice - November

Zulu is a light weight 802/11 wireless frame generation tool to enable fast and easy debugging and probing of 802/11 networks. It has an intuitive command line interface and operates with the madwifi-ng network.

Using this program it is possible to enter and visualize storage or Meter oriented consumption data in structured form. Based on the entered data a prediction for all consumers could be created and then storage and Meter readings for a given time span could be estimated.

  • In the US, Paypal is licensed as a money transmitter in all fifty states
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  • Asus Eee PC R015PX AW-NB047 Wireless Network Adapter Driver 32x32 pixels icon
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PayPal is back to managing customer funds at its own discretion rather than passing them through to a licensed institution. Most importantly, PayPal accounts are no longer FDIC guaranteed because they don’t sit in the regulated banking system, but exist instead as unsecured claims against PayPal, a money transmitter.

  • KisMAC 0.3.3 - Wireless network discovery tool for Mac OS X
  • Linksys WUSB300N Wireless-N USB Network Adapter Driver 32x32 pixels icon
  • Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 Network Connection Driver 32x32 pixels icon
  • Use this freeware tool to monitor the quality of your Network link
  • Find Wireless Network Soft
  • AWNetS-Aibear Wireless Network Simulator v.1.0
  • Wireless Network Spped Test
  • recovers lost wireless network keys
  • SterJo Wireless Network Scanner will find all devices connected to your wireless network in a few seconds
  • RunNetworking for Wireless Networks v.1.0

CellGIS is a wireless planning tool that uses Java and ASCII Raster maps format. It allows to implement more propagation models and funcionalities by means of plug-ins.

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  • Linksys WUSB600N Dual-Band Wireless-N USB Network Adapter Driver 32x32 pixels icon
  • Linksys WUSB54GC Wireless-G USB Compact USB Network Adapter Setup Wizard 4.9.90 32x32 pixels icon
  • The tool is equipped to work with several networking interface cards
  • Connecting to the correct wireless network has always been a challenge to a new SMU user
  • Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG / 2915ABG / 2200BG Network Connection Driver 32x32 pixels icon

Pierf is in the first place a packet injection tool. It builds packets and puts them directly on the network driver, bypassing the operating system. Therefore, it is not limited to the features of the OS.

KisMAC is a tool for locating wireless networks on a Mac OS X. The software though running on a Mac is based on the Kismet software used on both Linux and BSD operating systems. This tool is primarily designed for network engineers rather than the layman. KisMAC can scan across multiple networks to find new Wi-Fi networks. This includes the Apple AirPort and AirPort Extreme wireless networks, along with many third party cards and wireless devices connected to the Mac. Essentially, the software aims to use any wireless enabled facilities to try to check for new wireless networks that might be accessible.


The Shopp plugin is a featured crammed online shopping cart to your weblog. It’s been designed to make it clean for just about absolutely everyone to set up online keeps in minutes, even giving customers the capability to personalize every aspect of the shopping experience easier. This particular plugin makes fee money, and for a single license, it’s far $55US, or for a developer’s license, it will price $299US. The distinction between them is how typically you will be the use this plugin on specific blogs? If you’re an enterprise putting in place e-commerce sites for customers, then the developer license will be really worth the fee. Also, Shopp offers unique price alternatives, such as Authorize.Net, eWay Payment, HSBC ePayments, and PayPal Pro, to every price an extra $25/00.

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