Toronto trio Keys N Krates are back with a new track to follow up their recent six-track Midnight Mass EP. The group has given CHVRCHES' synthpop single, "Bury It" featuring Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams, a modern future bass-meets-trap remake. The original record sticks to an upbeat retro setting supported by bright melodic pads and percussion that hits just right.

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Although there was the normal rave attire, there were also many people dressed in shorts and a tank-tops or even jeans and button-downs. There were a variety of people at the concert, but they all seemed to share one thing in common: their excitement for KNK’s performance.

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As all the show-stompers danced more and more, the venue’s temperature climbed higher and higher. That didn’t seem to matter much, as some audience members were stripped down to the bare minimum.

It starts with a short interlude to the EP, which sees the trio build suspense with blaring sirens and building kicks before launching into U Already Know, a gargantuan, bass-filled number that sees wild percussion blended with overwhelming bass hits, delicate keys and vocal cuts. I Know U sports more of a low-cut build up, that suddenly turns into a dazzling display of synth and drum stabs, where as Love Again launches straight into a fast-paced, frenzied melody that soars above vocal loops and sirens. Save Me, which features vocals by English singer-songwriter Katy B, is more of a radio-friendly take on Keys N Krates' furious percussion melodies, with Katy B's vocals layered above your typical quick-paced, percussion-driven melody with warped future-bass-esque synth layered over the top. Rounding out with a softer single Nothing But Space, Keys N Krates' Midnite Mass EP is all very similar, especially when compared with their previous singles, but it works. The sprawling percussion melodies are uplifting and playful to the casual listener, yet complex and progressive enough to satisfy the more intense fans at the same time - a feat not easy done. You can listen to the full EP below and you can purchase the EP HERE.