The exclusive six features of “Lenti Dot Manager” enable you to enhance productivity and reduce printing defects. You can create and print superior quality lenticular projects with the minimum software needed.

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That’s how things work sometimes. You use what you have around you to get the best possible results.


It is also can easily produce realistic expressions with 3D and 2D changing involving a motion. Users can obtain desirable lenticular effect by highly simple operation and various particular expressions by lenticular.

We currently have videos for both 3D and Flip available to demonstrate how simple Lenticular actually is

The increasing occupation of radio frequencies requires new antenna designs capable of both meeting frequency allocation plans and the coverage requirements of each operator. Mobile communications and broadcasting networks must satisfy complex constraints designed to either reduce or eliminate.


A dramatic swapping of two images-each vanishing and then reappearing from one to another. Utilizing this lenticular flip effect is most beneficial for demonstrating "cause-and-effect" or even "before-and-after" comparisons.

Software structure is changed so that it is compatible with a 64-bit operating system

But remember this rule is just an empirical formula and it is not absolute. You should make your own judgement based on the scene you have chosen. In theory, the farther the object from the camera, the bigger the stereo base should be. If you choose a big stereo base for a near object, the 3D effect will be more strong but meanwhile the picture will be more fuzzy.


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Lenticular Photo Processor program is designed to take the frame sets obtained by the Lenticular Photo Capture program and prepare them for printing. Within this program you can load frame sets, align the frames (the X and Y directions, rotation and zoom). This program also allows you to select the final crop and the final size of the finished image and interlace to the desired pitch. You can then print from this program. It could also be used without the Lenticular Photo Capture.

Automatic depth map scaling was removed. Previous versions of the program, when connecting to a depth map layer, reduced the depth map size to the layer size.


Toolbar icons can be enlarged. Now the software is compatible with high-definition displays

You can skip items #1 ~ #3 by using the pictures we provide in this article. But if you really want to take pictures of your own and cannot find the slider bar, consider tying your camera to a 1/18th scale die-cast toy car which can move along on flat a surface smoothly. If you choose this option, try to find a ruler with an air bubble leveler so you can assure the surface is flat. The scale on the ruler will also let you gauge the distance travelled by the toy car for successive pictures. Although this setup looks very unprofessional, it does work.

This is the simplest, but often the most effective form of lenticular printing. It consists of 2 or more images and can be produced for both horizontal (display walls) and vertical (postcards) applications. The viewing angle and the location of the person determine which image we get to see.


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Three-dimensional lenticular images are created using several photographs (or in the case of digital imaging, similar views) of an object, each at a slightly different angle. After individual images are interlaced, or "woven," together, the composite image is printed as an interlaced photograph or graphic image. The final output is then matched and laminated with a special, high-resolution, multi-faceted (lenticular) lens that creates 3-D or animated signage.

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When viewing the lenticular print from different angles, you get the impression that objects zoom in or out

Moving or animation pictures have on average 10 or more images woven together. The background image is stable, but the moving parts are printed in different places. By varying the viewing angle, one gets the impression that the image is moving.

PSD 3D Converter is intended for 2D to 3D conversion. The program converts a multilayered PSD file to several stereo viewpoints, that are used for lenticular image creating. Take layered Photoshop file to generate any number of views.

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  • This Software will only function on a PC connected to a supported LG Autostereo Monitor
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  • Really its not Voodoo Magic, just about anyone can learn how to create Lenticular 3D
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Looking at the picture on the right will give you a clear idea. If the printer can print 720 lines per inch and there are 40 lenticules per inch, the formula is telling us that under each lenticule there will be 18 lines. These 18 lines will be the aggregate of the 18 pictures we have taken with each picture contributing one pixel.


These samples are used as targets for you to compare your own lenticular print after completing the project

PSD 3D Converter program process the ready PSD file to produce a 3D sequential series of images. Input image is PSD file in Greyscale, RGB, CMYK colour mode, output images – TIFF or multilayered PSD frames. PSD 3D Converter is stand-alone program, does not require Photoshop installation.

SOFTMOTION® produced a sample lenticular and was kind enough to courier it within days of receiving the file. In total, this entire project was conceived and created in less than a week.


Lentiuclar Appliques / Patches

Bas-relief splitts to the layers using the depth map levels. The image is splitted to the layers, and the invisible fragments are painted with special in-paint algorithm. This algorithm restores the image’s texture. The depth map is splitted and in-painted too, and is save in the Layer mask. This PSD file may be used in PSD 3D Converter program.

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This article tries to demystify the underlying working of interlacing software (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=4325). By understanding how pictures are interlaced and then combined, you will be able to appreciate the principles of lenticular printing better. This knowledge will also help you identify with (https://aprel-vologda.ru/content/uploads/files/download/3d-lenticular-software-with-crack-and-keygen.zip) the terminology used in many other software products.


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Output gif animation and anaglyph,it is convenient for clients to see the effect. Support PSD Output,it is easy to make mould.

In the real world, either the printer or the lens or both can be slightly off the values the product makers have advertised. By performing a pitch test, exact measurements are achieved so the software can offset any discrepancies that exist. For example, a lenticular sheet with a published specification of 40 LPI may in fact be 40/1 LPI. The extra 0/1 LPI will be a catastrophe if it is not accounted for. A printer printing at the published 720 DPI (Dot per Inch) may also deviate from the specification and prints at a slightly higher or lower resolution. The purpose of pitch test is to identify such deviations so that miss-alignment can be avoided. Press the [Pitch Test] icon will bring up the [Calibration Sheet] dialog for you to specify the settings. A precise pitch test should be conduct successively to increase the precision. For example, if the advertised lens density is 42 LPI then you can start with 42 LPI as the first run and 0/1 as the delta. After the first run, say you have identified LPI as the best value, conduct another run with (home page) LPI as the initial value with higher precision by choosing the delta to For the [Resolution] drop down menu you should choose the setting that matches your printer.


Print the file to your inkjet printer. If you use Epson, chose the Text and Picture option from the preference dialog which maps to the 720 dpi.

Legend: error with the lenticular encoding when mirroring was on

I’ve been fascinated with lenticulars ever since I pulled one out of a Frosted Flakes cereal box in the 80’s. I could not understand how an image could move simply by the way that I moved it in my hand. Years later, I would be given the opportunity to design several of my own.


Support for the depth map larger than the layer image was added. If an image and a depth map are loaded as layers in the project, the depth map can be connected to the layer based on their relative location.

Lenticular Printing is not rocket science but it can be frustrating at times. Our team has put our heads together to create the easiest training products to help teach anyone the basics of Lenticular Printing. We currently have videos for both 3D and Flip available to demonstrate how simple Lenticular actually is.


Since CS4 Adobe Photoshop Extended has had some simple 3D features through a downloadable plug-in. Lenticular Imaging with Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended by Russell Brown is a must read if you are interested in this subject. However, we believe knowing why is just as important as knowing how. Through a real example, we will go through the steps in interlacing a lenticular print without an ad hoc program so you will also understand the "why" aspect of the task. This is truly a project for you to make real lenticular prints on home computers and printers.

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Imagiam provides high quality lenticular plastics for both offset printing and large and small-format digital printing. We also offer consulting on which plastics are the best suited to every need.


Really its not Voodoo Magic, just about anyone can learn how to create Lenticular 3D! Cards using our Lenticular Training Kits.

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What we have shown so far are the fundamentals. In reality, professionals in the industry probably would not create lenticular (continue reading this) prints this way. They would most likely use ad hoc software (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=3878). Listed below are some of the software we have used.


Contact us today for information on how you can order a custom lenticular product from Lantor, Ltd

We are commonly accepted as the small pats company as much as many people think "Mechanical parts = Tochigiya&quot. We are developing, manufacturing, and selling the products to meet the diverse needs of society. Business aims: Manufacturing and selling the parts for telecommunication devices, distribution boards, the other industrial equipment, and also entering all fields of the related business.

Lenticular printing is the only solution allowing to see 3D images without the help of special 3D glasses

Adjust the level of individual layer to make them more consistent. You do not want the final print to be brighter from one angle and darker from the other unless that is intentional. If you can avoid using flash light during the shooting then most likely you can skip this step. Try to shoot your pictures under natural sun light but not in the middle of the day when the sun is too strong.


Guillotine optimization in multiple stages - first stage only horizontal (or vertical) cuts are permitted. On the second stage the cuts are perpendicular on those.

Lenticular Imaging with Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended

With a series of images coming together to create an animation much like a short movie clip, this is the most complex lenticular effect. The illusion of motion actually comes from either a selection of video frames or sequential still images. This lenticular animation effect is great for emphasizing body movement or mechanical action.


Vector Animated User Interface graphics were projected onto curved plexiglass that was placed between the camera and the model. This resulted in some interesting moving details.

Through protracted and unremitting efforts, we have had clients in more than 20 cities in China. We have already successfully expanded the markets to the Middle East and Europe. We have long-term cooperative customers in Germany, the United States, the UK, Singapore, India and Dubai. With 3d technology maturity and future development tendency of 3d market, more and more people will choose 3d products. Our goal is to create greater values for our customers. We will make every effort to be the best enterprise in the field and have a sense of social responsibility.


For computer programmers who want to write Photoshop action script, Photoshop plug-in, GIMP Script-Fu or GIMP plug-in, this information is crucial for the interlacing algorithm. Assuming your program will present a dialog to the users to collect the printer resolutions and number of pictures to be taken, you will need to loop through the pictures and for each picture to loop through the correct column intervals for extracting the stripes corresponding to the specific picture.

Normal Fly-eye Dot 3D Lenticular Software


As a result of all the above exercise, the final picture will be the union of 18 pictures such that each picture contributes only the right column as shown below. In the picture we use red to represent the (18k +1)th column, green to represent the (18k +2)th column, and blue to represent the (18k + 18)th column, where k = 0, 1, 2, (int (width of picture / 18) - 1).