Titler Pro 7 Ultimate allows you to create advanced 2D and 3D text and graphics. Essentials 5 Ultimate offers tools such as Stabilization and Touch Up for fixing common video issues. Filters 5 Ultimate provides distinctive looks, color correction, and related features for changing the tone, mood, and aesthetic of your videos. Stylizers 5 Ultimate gives you the effects to create unique looks and styles such as the art-inspired Pastel Sketch. Transitions 5 Ultimate offers 3D, light, color, and motion transitions for all types of projects. Elements 5 Ultimate helps you create and transform scenes through simplified multi-step compositing tasks, such as combining visual elements from multiple shots into a single image. This license is for a single user on a single computer but you can sign out of your NewBlue application manager on one device and in again on another.

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From now on you can concentrate on what you're filming instead of the camera itself. There's no need to have a steady hand while filming. MAGIX Video Pro X can quickly and easily stabilize your shaky footage for you, whether you're using DSLR, a smartphone or an action cam.


Correcting rolling shutter errors such as "wobble", "jello" and "skew" used to be very time-consuming and complicated, even for advanced users and professionals. This is now a thing of the past, thanks to the latest version of Video Pro X and plug-ins from developers including proDAD. Achieve perfect videos as a result, with a clean picture and smooth camera movement. Vibrations can be automatically fixed just as easily as distortion and shaky footage. However, it's also possible to fine-tune your footage manually, if necessary. CMOS corrections can also be made automatically with plug-ins in the new Video Pro X in order to stabilize (go now) video. The combination of ease of use and high speed results makes Video Pro X extremely user friendly and efficient.

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It's also nearly impossible to zoom in a lot or film from creative perspectives without distortions occurring. Warp stabilization can remedy these issues.

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Modern cameras typically use a digital sensor, also known as a CMOS sensor, for recording. The advantage here is that this results in lower production costs. The downside is that filming fast moving objects produces so-called rolling shutter distortions. Footage made with DSLR cameras, action cams and smartphones often suffers from this kind of distortion. An example of rolling shutter distortion is wobbling in the footage.


It's particularly useful to be able to stabilize (full report) videos if you film by hand. And if you are filming from a moving car, airplane or boat, the resulting footage will almost always be shaky.