The Indian clothing industry is vibrant. Additionally, the high population density helps to enhance brand penetration easily. We hope, this list of top 5 Popular Fashion Brands In India will give you the right information about the Indian clothing industry.

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  • Top 5 Popular Fashion Brands In India
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However, you won’t find much ethnic wear here. Of course but for those who wear western outfits and are always interested in exploring the most fashionable items in the genre, this is the place to go to. Plus, Allen Solly is a great pick for working women as well, for its outfits such as jackets, pants, and blouses most suited for professional environments. Prices at Allen Solly can fall anywhere in between $5 to $42 depending on the category of outfits that you choose.


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Pepe Jeans an international clothing brand which launched in 1973 in London and entered the Indian market in 1989. Are deals in t-shirts, jeans, coats?

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It also caters a wide range of dress materials. The list includes T-shirts, shorts, joggers, outerwear, blazers, and some accessories also.

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