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The format is lightweight, secure, the viewers are free, and there are also so many options for creating PDF. Everyone has access to PDF, it is really the easiest “neutral” format to exchange data with others. Looking at CAD, sharing 2D drawings as PDF has been “mainstream” for almost as long as I’ve been using CAD (almost 20-years). A big advantage to PDF is the built-in compression, which according to Tetra4D is up to 97% smaller than the original CAD model.


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Using the tools to create cross sections, add comments, and dimension was largely a breeze. I was very impressed with the object snaps, especially with how easy it is to snap to the centers of circles.


Increase the flexibility within your structured environment where organization and workflows require different processes. Each PDF can be triggered by PDM/PLM events and managed by enterprise applications.

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The first model I tried is my go-to Inventor Dishwasher model. Although this is all 3D Solids, the Tetra4D Converter supports solids, surfaces, and wireframe.

Yes – One CAD format included in base price. Multiple CAD formats optional/extra.


Tetra4D Enrich helps people create interactive 3D PDFs easily and quickly. A Tetra4D Enrich document functions more like an application than a standard 3D PDF, and the enhancements made to the 2021 version add to the interactivity and app-like functionality found in Tetra4D Enrich-created PDFs.

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I think the most important settings are on the “Optimize” tab as you decide how much detail to provide. The more detail you provide, the higher accuracy, but also the larger file size. If you select precise B-Rep, the recipient of the data will have the ability to export to a neutral format, meaning they could bring it into a CAD system and have access to your full intellectual property. So, select the option that is appropriate for the situation.

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While heaps of freedom to learn about it, click here to check out some from the ground floor, App Store-wise. The latest version adds support for a. Check out Tetra 4D and start your free trial today. If you want to find another keyword please enter in search field.


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I’ve only really scratched the surface with this product review, but overall was very impressed. Thinking of my “day-job” (a larger equipment manufacturer) I initially see a fit for this to embed 3D views into quotations and sales proposals. It would definitely differentiate us from our competition. In addition, I see a big benefit for operation manuals and other types of user documentation. At this stage I’m only looking at it from a manufacturing perspective, so don’t let this limit you from using it for architectural or civil applications.

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Tetra4D Reader mobile app supports the interactive features of 3D PDFs created with Tetra4D Enrich and Tetra4D Automate, including 3D model and metadata interactions, carousel of views, interactive BOM and actions. Access multiple pages and multiple 3D annotations documents along with standard 3D features like sectioning, projection mode and access to views.


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