The rFactor 2 version of the Toban track was first announced in 2021. We are now five years later and despite the long waiting time, ISI is delivering as promised. There is no exact release date given, but to quote the ISI track team, Toban Raceway Park will be available in the not-so-distant future. Only last week, the ISI team tweeted that the track had been sent to the Beta testers for a final inspection.

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Team VVV rFactor 2: Toban Raceway Park & Howston Dissenter released Comments Feed

In addition to getting regular updates and new content as it becomes available, the open beta includes: Single Player, Multiplayer, Developer Mode, Development Tools, Rain plus Wet/Dry Transitions, Dynamic Track Elements (Groove/Marbles), New Tire Model, New Physics Model, New Collision Model, and HDR (with other Post FX to come). All of these systems are in various states of readiness and they will all get further refinement before the final release.


I've been driving car sims for nearly 10 years now and I bought all of them because I liked the cars and tracks represented in the car sim. Next came the addons, mods, etc. THis game has no playing value imho, until we can have 2 or 3 decent mods and maybe 15 decent tracks.

Gokart Vs Racing Truck

I'm running 5780 on triples with a GTX 770 4GB on a 4th gen i7 with 8GB DDR3 ram, I have HDR on and most settings to high or max. I have lowered some of the reflections, aliasing and shadows to low/mid to get the FPS to stay above 60 when racing 10-20 online.


I have imported the landscape and aligned the terrain to the mesh to get the shape of the floor then I added all the objects including the road surface. I aligned the terrain to it all and feel that it can be shared at this point. There is probably more terrain work to be done but at this time I feel it is great fun to use.

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Bsimracing rFactor 2 – Toban Raceway Park and 1974 Howston Dissenter Available Comments Feed

Hmm, I actually thought they gave permission for that? I didn't pay close attention so I could be wrong.

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Beyond that, we are at varying stages of licensing deals and will have a WIDE range of new racing series and tracks to go with. Plus, as you all have seen, we're keen to get point-to-point working with proper ladder-type scoring. We're still eager to expand dirt racing as well. All of this will help rF2 continue to grow and expand in many new directions long after release.

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To make sure that the track would be a step up from the original, the dev team experimented with new techniques, added a lot of details such as a new marshal model with larger flags for better visibility. On the fun side of things, the developers added a twisty Medium roller coaster layout.


RFactor 2 Toban Raceway Park

If you’re new to ISI’s sim or PC racing in general, we recommend downloading the rFactor (original site) 2 trial by clicking on ISI’s MediaFire link or this XtremeRPM mirror. The 1/08GB Build 1098 file features a driving choice of a 2021 Formula Renault 3/5 or 1974 Howston Dissenter to run at Toban Raceway Park.

That was for you running alone on track. Sadly, rF2 may be the most graphically demanding title right now. I haven't played R3E in a long while, and that game was a hog, but you are out of luck. HDR off will give you 15 or so FPS, maybe more, but it will not look pleasant.


Though as a matter of general principal, no feature in the beta should be considered "finished" until we release the final "Gold" version. And even then we intend to continue refining systems and content. Also, you should expect features to change slightly from one beta build to the next, or even get temporarily turned off while new systems are in development. Likewise, some features may go away completely if general feedback tells us they aren't needed. It's all part of a typical beta process.

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If you have a game PC, preferably with a steering wheel and pedals, then download the demo version of rFactor 2, the most realistic racing simulation of the moment, for free. Zandvoort is of course also part of this demo. You can drive the super fast McLaren MP4/8, the USF2000, the Radical SR3 RSX or the Nissan GT500. In addition to Zandvoort, you can also try the circuits of Silverstone, Indianapolis and Toban (continued).

We had started an update for Toban, and it was progressing nicely, BUT, we had to set that aside for a bit to work on another track to go along with a new car license we have. After that, we should be able to complete the Toban (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=49) update. The “new” Toban (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=2865) will be different to the new Mills. Where the owners of Mills had money to upgrade the track, garage and grandstands, Toban has only gotten 6 years older with very little upkeep. So, visually it will have a much different look.


Don't get me wrong, I doubt rF will enjoy the longevity of GPL. But for club-type racing and great on-line racing, I think rF will be the way to go.

As explained by Scott, the track owners are operating on a low budget and they haven't had a chance to modernize the infrastructure too much. But it definitely isn't an upgraded conversion brought to our latest standards. It is a scratch built track, made with modern techniques and populated with our finest props to date.


RFactor 2 Toban Raceway Park and Howston Dissenter Released

As you said, there still are broken textures which need fixing. Apart from that I really like the track. It is nice that all variations are accessable, day-/night cycle is existent, and that time trial is included as well. However, the curbs can sometimes deflate your tires.

I can't for the life of me find this content, add it and get on with driving. Could someone give me a dummies guide on what to do please?


Other high priority projects got in the way of that planning, but now Pier and I decided that it is finally time to deliver on that promise, having made plenty of technical and artistic advances since our 2021 track releases. So not only will the place have aged a further five years, it will also be the most detailed track we have done to date a treatment Toban deserves due to popular demand.

Hall of Fame Addons

After that investment I've tried to focus more for controllers, overall immersion and less for shiny graphics. I'm already looking for GPU upgrade so things might change in the future.


The track comes complete with an impressive number of seven different configurations (with six layouts): Long, Long 24 Hours, Long Reverse, Medium, Medium Reverse, Short and Short Reverse. According to Sector3 all are extremely technical and vary “quite nicely”.

Alternatively, non-Steam players can upgrade to Autodromo di Mores Version 1/6 by downloading this 337MB rfcmp file (MediaFire host). If the installation process is unfamiliar, do read the ‘Adding Content (Cars/Tracks)’ section of the FAQ linked at the bottom of this post to find out how to manually add new content to rF2.


Exterior detail is nice, interior is nice. It is a nice car, could be great but for now, nice. Better than I will ever produce, for sure.

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This track is an absolute blast to take an FR16 around in! The flowing turns just feel so satisfying when you nail them perfectly, and tbh I like that the curbs can puncture your tires if you go the wrong way over them. They don't malfunction driving normally, and it's nice to have punishment for cutting a corner and coming back across them.

More than seventy years after the first cars sped across the track, Zandvoort will again be the center of the Formula 1 circus next year. We congratulate the circuit on winning this great event.


Your Hall of Fame

I didn't expected to be able to max out sims with triples but so far rF2 has been the most tasking and worst looking by a good margin. That combo shouldn't be something to be proud of.

After some thought last night, I decided ultimately to retire rFactor (https://aprel-vologda.ru/hack/?patch=7544) 2. I haven't been playing it much and didn't really be drawn too much to it to make me ditch the original rFactor. So I will mostly just enjoy watching you all here and elsewhere play rFactor (look at this now) 2 and see all the mods and such.


News rFactor 2: Toban Raceway Park & Howston Dissenter released

And perhaps the biggest change, and this may come to a surprise to some of you, the cheap track owners had found a few buckets of the original yellow paint and had applied a fresh coat to the curbs several years ago. A close inspection shows that some bits of paint have worn off, revealing a few spots of blue paint that the rF1 modding community used in texture updates for this track, and that a lot of you were familiar with.

I for one am very excited to try out this classic circuit updated in rF2 and look forward to seeing how much detail the team have managed to cram into this new release. No dates have been given for when we can expect to see this in game, keep an eye out at RaceDepartment.com in the coming weeks for updates as and when they become available.


I was afraid to drive a beast like this in a sim I bearly use in a track I've never driven before, but I was so curious about it. So I read the release notes in their web page and they actually were so helpful. I jumped in a MP race (2nd time ever) and managed to end up in 3rd place. It was actually a lot of fun this car.

See Arturo & I think alike to a certain degree. Except with GTR alot of mates of mine had joined the GTR rush as a great deal jumped ship from NR2003. I've not touched GPL for months but remains on the system till I burn everything to discs. But still into NR2003 even to the point of the odd online truck race. But getting more & more into GTR when I find the time.